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Yamaha PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual: Loading A Style File

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Press the [FUNCTION] button to exit
from the File Control display.
Check the loaded data by calling up the
User Song, one of the Styles 221–230,
and Registration Memory settings.

Loading a Style File

Style data created on another instrument or a com-
puter can be loaded to the Style numbers 221–230,
and you can play them like the internal preset Styles.
The following two Load operations are available.
• Loading of a Style file (.sty) saved on the root direc-
tory on the USB flash drive
• Loading of a Style file (.sty) transferred from a com-
puter via the Musicsoft Downloader and stored in
the internal memory of this instrument
• For instructions on transferring a Style file from a computer via
the Musicsoft Downloader, refer to the online PDF manual
(page 11) "Computer-related Operations. " After data transfer,
load the Style data to one of the Style numbers 221–230 to
enable playback.
• Loading a Style file will overwrite and erase the existing
data of the destination number. Save important data you
want to keep to a separate USB flash drive before loading.
Hold the [FUNCTION] button for longer
than a second to call up the File Control
Use the CATEGORY [+] and [-] buttons to
call up "Load STY."
Press the [0/EXECUTE] button.
The name of a Style file in the USB flash drive or
internal memory of this instrument will appear on
the display. If desired, rotate the dial to select a
different Style file.
Load STY
USB Flash Drive Operations
Press the [0/EXECUTE] button again.
As the Load destination, "Load To? ***" (***: 221–
230) appears on the display. If desired, rotate the
dial to select a different number.
Press the [0/EXECUTE] button again.
A confirmation message will appear. To cancel
the operation, press the [-/NO] button.
Press the [0/EXECUTE] button again, or
the [+/YES] button to execute the Load
After a while, a message indicating completion of
the operation appears.
• The Load operation cannot be cancelled during exe-
cution. Never turn off the power or disconnect the
USB flash drive during the operation. Doing so may
result in data loss.
Press the [STYLE] button, rotate the dial
to select a Style from 221–230, and then
try playing it back.
PSR-E453/PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual
Load To?


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