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Yamaha PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual: Using A Pedal (sustain); Using A Keyboard Stand

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output the audio signal of this instrument to that
external device. The speakers of this instrument
are automatically shut off when a plug is inserted
into this jack.
• PSR-EW400: When connecting an external
speaker, refer to page 38.
• Do not use the headphones for a long period of time at a
high or uncomfortable volume level, since this can cause
permanent hearing loss.
• Before connecting the instrument to other electronic com-
ponents, turn off the power of all the components. Also,
before turning any components on or off, make sure to set
all volume levels to minimum. Otherwise, damage to the
components or electrical shock may occur.
• To avoid possible damage to the external device, first turn
on the power to the instrument, then to the external device.
When turning off the power, do so in reverse order: first
turn off the power to the external device, then to the instru-

Using a Pedal (Sustain)

You can produce a natural sustain as you play by
pressing a footswitch (FC5 or FC4A; sold separately)
plugged into the [SUSTAIN] jack.
• Plug or unplug the footswitch while the power is off. Also, do
not press the footswitch when turning the power on. Doing so
changes the polarity of the footswitch, resulting in reversed
• The sustain function does not affect Split Voices (page 21).
• Some Voices may sound continuously or have a long decay
after the notes have been released while the footswitch is

Using a Keyboard Stand

The following keyboard stands (sold separately) can
be used.
• PSR-E453: L-2C
• PSR-EW400: L-6
When using L-6 Keyboard Stand
The exterior size of PSR-EW400 is beyond the limits
as described in the L-6 Assembly Instructions. How-
ever, we have determined through tests that the
stand can be safely used for the instrument. When
setting the instrument, place it on the center of the
stand as shown in the illustration.
Make sure that the bottom of
the instrument firmly rests on
the stoppers.
Place the instrument so
that the left and right
parts of the stand are
inside the protrusions on
the bottom panel of the
• Do not place the instrument in an unstable position where
it might accidentally slip down. This could cause physical
injury to you or others, as well as damage to the instru-
ment or other property.
PSR-E453/PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual
Setting Up


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