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Even when there is no audio input from an external
device, the volume of Song, Style and Pattern can be
adjusted by using the knob. The volume of Voices
played on the keyboard cannot be adjusted.
• When the instrument is connected to the [USB TO HOST] ter-
minal, and Audio Loop Back (page 60, Function 058) is set to
OFF, you cannot adjust the volume of audio playback input
from the external device.
Adjusts the Retrigger Rate (the length of the part to
be repeated) of the Pattern Retrigger function (page
52). Turning this knob to the right decreases it, and
turning the knob to the left increases it.
• When setting the tempo of the Pattern playback to more than
200, turning the knob to the right cannot change the length to
be repeated.
The chart below lists some interesting ways to use the various effects that can be assigned to the knobs.
Some Ideas for Using the Knobs
Style Filter
Volume Balance/
Pattern Retrigger
Select "143 Gemini" (a synth-lead type Voice) or "170 Noise" (page 20). Turning Knobs A
or B while playing gives you the dynamic filter-sweep effects of an analog synthesizer.
Select the Voice "008 CP80." Turn Knobs A and B all the way down to hear the direct,
unprocessed sound of the Voice. As you turn Knob B toward the right, a Chorus effect
with modulation is gradually applied to the sound. Turning Knob A to the right adds a
Reverb effect that makes you sound like you are playing in a concert hall.
Select the Voice "173 RSAnPad." Turning Knob A all the way down makes the attack
faster, and lets you hear the crisp, clear sound of the original Voice. Turning Knob B all
the way down shortens the amount of time for the sound to decay to silence after a key is
released. These knobs let you finely adjust the Voice to create the appropriate sound for
the particular song you're playing.
Select the Style, "057 EuTrance." Turn on the [ACMP ON/OFF] button and start Style
playback (page 26). Set Knob B to about 3 o'clock, and Knob A to about 8 o'clock. The
overall sound of the style should be a bit muffled compared to the original, with the
drums emphasized for solid rhythmic impact.
Knob A: Connect an audio device or a computer (page 36), then turn this knob while
playing audio on the external device. You can adjust the volume balance between the
performance on this instrument and the audio input.
Knob B: Select the Section C of the Pattern "002 FrenchDJ" and start Pattern playback.
Turn this knob to the right while holding down the Section button C, and you can pro-
gressively shorten the Retrigger rate like a DJ would in performance.
Select the Voice, "019 Cool!Org." Press the [DSP] button to turn the DSP on, then set the
DSP type (Function 040) to "01 RotarySp," and the DSP part (Function 041) to "1 Key-
board" (page 60). Adjust the effect depth by turning Knob B while playing the keyboard,
then use Knob A to change the rotating speed of the rotary speaker. When you move it
slowly, you can create gradual speed changes like on a real rotary speaker.
Parameters Assigned to the Knobs
With the digital effects built into the instrument, you
can add DSP effects to your keyboard performance
and the playback sound of Style, etc. (page 48).
Each effect has two parameters which are assigned
to Knobs A and B. By turning the knobs in real-time,
you can alter the music in various dynamic ways,
such as changing the rotating speed (slow/fast) of the
rotary speaker or changing the degree of the Distor-
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PSR-E453/PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual


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