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Insert the six new batteries, putting them in the
correct direction according to the illustration.
Replace the compartment cover, making sure that
it locks firmly in place.
• Connecting or disconnecting the AC adaptor with batteries
installed may turn the power off, resulting in loss of data
being recorded or transferred at the time.
• Make sure to set the battery type correctly (page 15).
• When battery power becomes too low for proper operation,
the volume may be reduced, the sound may be distorted,
and other problems may occur. When this happens, make
sure to replace all batteries with new ones or already-
recharged ones.
• This instrument cannot charge the batteries. Use only the
specified charger device when charging.
• Power will be automatically drawn from the AC adaptor if an
AC adaptor is connected while batteries are installed in the
 Setting the battery type
Depending on the battery type to be used, you may
need to change the battery type setting on this instru-
ment. To change the setting, first turn on the power to
the instrument, then choose the battery type you
would like to use. Alkaline (and manganese) batteries
are chosen by default. For details, refer to page 61,
Function 068 (PSR-E453)/Function 069 (PSR-
• Failure to set the battery type may shorten the amount of
the battery life. Make sure to set the battery type correctly.
 Checking the power status
You can confirm the power source at the left corner of
the display.
Only one of these is shown.
: The power is supplied from the AC adaptor.
: The power is supplied from the batteries.
• When the AC adaptor is plugged in to the AC outlet, the bat-
tery icon does not appear even when batteries are inserted. In
this case, the power is supplied from the AC adaptor.
Remaining battery power indication
Indicates that the power will be turned off immedi-
ately. When rechargeable batteries are used, this
icon flashes before the power is turned off.
Indicates that remaining power is insufficient for
operation. Before the power runs out, replace all
the batteries with new ones, or fully recharged
ones (when using rechargeable types). Note that
the instrument may not work properly, including
unusually soft volume and poor sound quality
when remaining power becomes low.
Indicates that the remaining power is sufficient.
PSR-E453/PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual
Setting Up


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