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Yamaha PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual: Looking Up Chords Using The Chord Dictionary

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Looking Up Chords Using the
Chord Dictionary
The Dictionary function is useful when you know the
name of a certain chord and want to quickly learn
how to play it.
Press and hold the [LESSON] button for
longer than a second to call up "Dict."
Hold for longer than
a second.
This operation will divide the entire keyboard into
the three ranges as illustrated below.
Chord Type range
playing range
• The range to the right of "ROOT":
Lets you specify the chord root, but produces
no sound.
• The range between "CHORD TYPE" and
Lets you specify the chord type, but produces
no sound.
• The range to the left of "CHORD TYPE":
Lets you play and confirm the chord specified
in the above two ranges.
As an example, learn how to play a GM7
(G major seventh) chord.
Press the "G" key in the section to the right
of "ROOT" so that the "G" is shown as the
root note.
Root range
Style and Pattern Settings
Press the key labeled "M7" in the section
between "CHORD TYPE" and "ROOT."
The notes you should play for the specified
chord (root note and chord type) are con-
veniently shown in the display, both as
notation and in the keyboard diagram.
Notation of chord
Individual notes of chord
To call up possible inversions of the chord, press
the [+/YES] or [-/NO] button.
• About major chords: Simple major chords are usually
indicated only by the root note. For example, "C" refers
to C major. However, when specifying major chords
here, make sure to press the key of "M" (major) after
pressing the root note.
Following the notation and keyboard
diagram in the display, try playing a
chord in the range to the left of "CHORD
When you've played the chord properly, a bell
sound signals your success and the chord name
in the display flashes.
Specifying only the key for Pattern play-
Note that you need to specify only the root note for
Pattern playback, unlike Style playback for which
you also need to specify the chord type.
PSR-E453/PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual
Chord name (root and type)


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