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Yamaha PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual: Layering A Dual Voice; Playing A Split Voice In The Left Hand Area

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Layering a Dual Voice

In addition to the Main Voice, you can layer a different
Voice over the entire keyboard as a "Dual Voice."
Press the [DUAL] button to turn Dual on.
Press the [DUAL] button again to exit
from Dual.
Although turning on Dual will select a Dual Voice
suitable for the current Main Voice, you can also
select a different Dual Voice (page 45).
By dividing the keyboard into the two separate areas,
you can play a different Voice between the Left hand
and Right hand areas.
Appears when
Dual is on
Two Voices will
sound at the same
Try Playing a Variety of Instrument Voices
Playing a Split Voice in the Left
Hand area
Press the [SPLIT] button to turn Split on.
The keyboard is divided into left and right hand
area at the Split Point. You can play a Split Voice
on the left hand area while playing a Main Voice
and Dual Voice on the right hand area of the key-
Split Point ... default value: 054 (F#2)
Main Voice (and Dual Voice)
Split Voice
The Split Voice (page 45) and the Split Point can
be changed as desired (page 53).
Press the [SPLIT] button again to exit
from Split.
PSR-E453/PSR-EW400 Owner's Manual
Appears when
Split is on


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    I cannot get the piano sound, back on my keyboard. It worked fine with the headphones​, but since unplugging keyboard will not play. What do I do?
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    This is good and helpful. Thank you so much
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    Need Manuel PSREW400 purchase from Sam ash