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Jøtul GF 300 CF Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Jøtul GF 300 CF Installation And Operation Instructions Manual

Conventional flue gas stove


Installation and

Operation Instructions

WARNING: If the information in
these instructions is not followed
exactly, a fire or explosion may
result causing property damage,
personal injury or death.
– Do not store or use gasoline or
other flammable vapors and liq-
uids in the vicinity of this or any
other appliance.
• Do not try to light any appliance.
• Do not touch any electrical
switch; do not use any phone in
your building.
• Immediately call your gas sup-
plier from a neighbor's phone.
Follow the gas supplier's
• If you cannot reach your gas
supplier, call the fire department.
– Installation and service must be
performed by a qualified installer,
service agency or the gas supplier.
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Summary of Contents for Jøtul GF 300 CF

  • Page 1: Operation Instructions

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Installation and Operation Instructions WARNING: If the information in these instructions is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury or death. – Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liq- uids in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
  • Page 2 Annual service - year 9 Sign.: personnel. Company: Date: Service details: Model Name: Jøtul GF 300 CF Serial No.: Annual service - year 10 Sign.: Purchase Date: Company: Date:...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

  • Page 4: Technical Information

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Jøtul GF 300 CF Technical Information 292 mm Material: Cast iron/steel 114 mm Finish: Blue Black enamel or Matte Black paint Flue outlet: Top or Rear 420 mm Vent system: BV-standard system Weight: Approx. 71 kg (product) PIN: 0558CN1501 Product dimensions: See fig.
  • Page 5: General Information

    Jøtul .This is only to be installed by qualified should be called for service. personnel. This product, the Jøtul GF 300 CF, may only be used  It is permitted to install the appliance against a wall ...
  • Page 6: Installer Information

    Fixing The GF 300 CF is designed as a freestanding appliance and as such does not require additional fixing. Requirements for Floor Plate The appliance may stand on a wooden floor. A floor...
  • Page 7 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 520 mm Vent Height off Draft Hood: To Combustible Shelf Min. 2.15 m (7’) Max. 3.7 m (35’) 635 mm (25”) Draft Hood 550 mm (21 5/8”) Figure 7. Clearance to a combustible shelf. Figure 8. Vent height requirements. Flue System Installation Closure Plate Installation Flue outlet (spigot) dimensions:...
  • Page 8 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Minimum Clearances from All brick flues or any flue previously used with Combustible Material to the Vent solid fuel or gas appliances must be left with the appropriate debris collection volume below the flue System spigot of the stove of 12 litres minimum, and depth of 250mm minimum below the spigot as shown in fig.
  • Page 9 Brick Kit Note: Install the optional Antique Brick Kit 155370 before installing the log set. See instructions supplied with that kit. The GF 300 CF log set must be installed before operating the burner. The log set includes four log pieces, packaged inside the firebox, and a quantity of ceramic embers.
  • Page 10: Gas Installation

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Commissioning Gas Installation Testing the Flue System Gas installation must only be performed by qualified personnel. It is important to adhere to national and local Once the appliance is fitted, gas leak and pressure tested, regulations that apply. In the UK these include BS5440 Pt and the flue system complete, the flue must be checked 1&2 and BS5871 in Ireland.
  • Page 11: Annual Service

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Regulating the Pilot Flame Figure 16. The pilot flame should have three flames as shown in fig. Proper pilot flame 16. The two thermo-element sticks should be surrounded / carry-over port by two of the flames as shown in fig. 17. alignment.
  • Page 12: User Information

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 User Information General Operating Instructions Assembly, installation, maintenance and gas conversion Lighting (if required) must be performed by a qualified person in accordance with the instructions for assembly, Installa- Note! Odors when using the stove: tion and use enclosed with the product. The installation When used for the first time, the appliance may emit may only be operated after it has been inspected by a an irritating gas that may smell a little.
  • Page 13: External Maintenance

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Figure 20. Valve Controls. Figure 21. Burner Controls. Adjusting the Heat Setting 4. Push in the gas control knob (B) as far as possible and hold it in. Simultaneously, push in the ignition knob (A) Heat and flame size can be adjusted by turning the regu- until the spark ignites the pilot flame located to the lator knob (C) marked “HI, LOW”, which is located next to right rear corner of the burner..
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Troubleshooting When No Spark is Generated at the Pilot Head It is uncommon for the Piezo spark ignitor (fig 22-A) to fail, unless it has mechanical damage. If the spark is not conducted forward, it could be the result of a break in the electrical circuit leading up to the pilot head.
  • Page 15 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 When There is No Gas Flow Thermocouple (Fig.23) and Thermopile To The Pilot Head (Fig. 24) A thermocouple is in principle a thermal generator This is the trouble-shooting procedure for the gas supply: and consists of a copper wire (copper-nickel alloy) and an Check if all gas connections are sealed by using strong iron wire twisted together.
  • Page 16 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Figure 24. When There is No Gas Supply to the Thermopile system check. Burner. This is the trouble-shooting procedure for the electrical components: 1. Make sure the control knob on the valve is set to “ON”. Check the position on the “ON/OFF/Thermostat” switch at the back of the appliance.
  • Page 17: Warranty Statement

    138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Jøtul Gas Product Limited Lifetime Warranty 3) Damage due to service performed by an installer, service agency or gas supplier, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by JØTUL. Effective January 1, 2013 4) Labor or other costs associated with the repair of gas controls, plumb- This warranty policy applies to gas products identified by Jøtul, ing, burners, log set, or sheet metal firebox beyond the warranty period.
  • Page 18 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13...
  • Page 19 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 Jøtul GF 300 CF Parts List Blue Black Ivory Brown Majolica Green Majolica Cast Iron Parts Matte Black Enamel Enamel Enamel Enamel Side Plate 10463292 10463227 10463229 10463247 10463249 Base Plate 10390092 10390027 10390029 10390047 10390049 Legs, (4)
  • Page 20 138783_Rev_2 1/2/13 This appliance must be installed in conformance with local and national building regulations. Before beginning the installation, it is important that the these instructions be carefully read and understood. Jøtul maintains a policy of continual product development. Consequently, products may differ in speci- fication, color or type of accessories from those illustrated or described in various publications.