Miele CS 1223-1 Operating And Installation Instructions
Miele CS 1223-1 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele CS 1223-1 Operating And Installation Instructions

Induction wok
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Operating and installation instructions
Induction wok
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential
to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time.
M.-Nr. 09 551 700


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Miele CS 1223-1

  • Page 1 Operating and installation instructions Induction wok To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the first time. en-GB M.-Nr. 09 551 700...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Warning and Safety instructions................ 4 Caring for the environment ................ 13 Guide to the appliance .................. 14 Wok ........................14 Indicators....................... 14 Control symbols ....................15 Display........................15 Cooking zones....................... 15 Accessories supplied .................... 16 Using for the first time .................. 17 Cleaning the CombiSet for the first time ...............
  • Page 3 Contents Building-in dimensions .................. 37 Building-in several CombiSets ................ 38 Installation...................... 40 Electrical connection .................. 44 After sales service, data plate, guarantee ............ 46 Product data sheets ...................  47...
  • Page 4: Warning And Safety Instructions

    They contain important notes on installation, safety, use and maintenance. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and ensure that new users...
  • Page 5 Warning and Safety instructions Correct application  This wok is designed for domestic use and for use in similar envir- onments.  This wok is not intended for outdoor use.  This wok is intended for domestic use only to cook food and keep it warm.
  • Page 6 Warning and Safety instructions Safety with children  Children under 8 years of age must be kept away from the wok unless they are constantly supervised.  Children 8 years and older may only use the wok unsupervised if they have been shown how to use it safely and recognise and under- stand the consequences of incorrect operation.
  • Page 7 Unauthorised installation, maintenance and repairs can cause considerable danger for the user. Installation, maintenance and re- pairs must only be carried out by a Miele authorised technician.  A damaged wok can be dangerous. Check it for visible signs of damage.
  • Page 8 Miele authorised service technician. Otherwise the guar- antee is invalidated.  Miele can only guarantee the safety of the appliance when genu- ine original Miele replacement parts are used. Faulty components must only be replaced by Miele spare parts.
  • Page 9 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use  The wok gets hot when in use and remains hot for some time after being switched off. The risk of burning is present until the residual heat indicators have gone out.  Overheated fat and oil can ignite and catch fire. Never leave the wok unattended.
  • Page 10 Warning and Safety instructions  You could burn yourself on the hot wok. Protect your hands with heat-resistant pot holders or gloves when handling hot pots and pans. Do not let them get wet or damp, as this causes heat to trans- fer through the material more quickly with the risk of scalding or burning yourself.
  • Page 11 Warning and Safety instructions  Heat oil or fat for a maximum of one minute. Do not use the Booster function to heat oil or fat.  For people fitted with a heart pacemaker: please note that the area immediately surrounding the wok is electromagnetically charged.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions Cleaning and care  Do not use a steam cleaning appliance to clean this wok. The steam could reach electrical components and cause a short cir- cuit.  If the wok is built in over a pyrolitic oven, the wok should not be used whilst the pyrolitic process is being carried out, as this could trigger the overheating protection mechanism on the wok (see relev- ant section).
  • Page 13: Caring For The Environment

    / recycling centre for electrical and electronic ap- pliances, or contact your dealer or Miele for advice. You are also respons- ible by law for deleting any personal data that may be stored on the appli- ance being disposed of. Please ensure...
  • Page 14: Guide To The Appliance

    Guide to the appliance      a Wok basin d Indicators b Wok pan e Display c Control knob Indicators f In-operation indicator g Booster indicator h Residual heat indicator...
  • Page 15: Control Symbols

    Guide to the appliance Control symbols Symbol Description Cooking zone off 1 – 9 Power levels Booster Display Symbol Description  No wok pan in place (see "Induction")  Auto heat-up activated  Booster activated  The system lock has been activated ...
  • Page 16: Accessories Supplied

    Guide to the appliance Accessories supplied The accessories supplied with your ap- pliance as well as a range of optional ones are available to order from Miele (see "Optional accessories"). Wok pan CSWP 1450 Wok rest...
  • Page 17: Using For The First Time

    Using for the first time  Please stick the extra data plate for Switching on the CombiSet for the appliance supplied with this doc- the first time umentation in the space provided in the "After sales service, data plate, When the wok is first connected, or guarantee"...
  • Page 18: Induction

    Induction How it works  When the wok is switched on either deliberately or by mistake, or An induction coil is located underneath when there is residual heat present, the induction wok. When the appliance there is the risk of any metal items is switched on, this coil creates a mag- left on the wok heating up.
  • Page 19 Induction Noises Pans The following noises might occur in the Only use the wok pan supplied with wok pan when the induction wok is in the appliance for cooking food. operation: This wok pan is designed specifically for this appliance. On the higher power settings, it might buzz.
  • Page 20: Operation

    Operation Settings Switching off  Turn the cooking zone control anti- Cooking process Set- clockwise to 0. ting range When all cooking zones are switched Keeping food warm, melting off the in-operation indicator will go chocolate out. Warming food up Stir-frying, e.g. Chinese dishes Residual heat indicator If a cooking zone is hot, the residual Cooking zone controls...
  • Page 21: Auto Heat-Up

    Operation Auto heat-up Continued cook- Heat-up time ing setting [min : sec] When Auto heat-up has been activated, the cooking zone switches on automat- approx. 0 : 15 ically at the highest power setting and approx. 0 : 15 then switches to the continued cooking setting.
  • Page 22: Booster

    Operation To switch on the booster Booster  Turn the control past power setting 9 This induction wok is equipped with a to BI, and then back to 9. booster function.  appears in the display, and the B in- When activated, the power is boosted dicator also lights up.
  • Page 23: Safety Features

    Safety features System lock Safety switch-off The safety switch-off mechanism is The system lock can only be activated triggered automatically if the wok is when the wok switched off. heated for an unusually long period of time. This period of time depends on Your wok is equipped with a system the power level selected.
  • Page 24: Overheating Protection

    – If the booster function is being used If, despite removing the cause, the it will be switched off. overheating protection mechanism trig- gers again, contact Miele. – The set power level will be reduced. – The induction wok switches itself off automatically and  appears in the display.
  • Page 25: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care  Allow the CombiSet to cool down Danger of burning. before cleaning. The cooking zone must be switched off. The wok must have cooled  The CombiSet and accessories down. should be cleaned after each use.  Dry the CombiSet after using water to ...
  • Page 26: Ceramic Surface

    Wipe all coarse soiling off using a damp cloth. Stubborn soiling may need to be removed with a shielded scraper blade. Then clean the wok with Miele ceramic and stainless steel hob cleaner (see "Optional accessories") or a suitable proprietary ceramic hob cleaning agent applied with kitchen paper or a clean cloth.
  • Page 27: Stainless Steel Frame/Control Panel

    Cleaning and care Stainless steel frame/control panel  Clean the frame and the control panel with a solution of warm water and a little washing-up liquid applied with a soft sponge. You can also use a ceramic and stain- less steel cleaning agent. We recom- mend also using a stainless steel condi- tioning agent to help prevent resoiling (see "Optional accessories).
  • Page 28: Problem Solving Guide

    Danger of injury. Installation, maintenance and repairs may only be carried out by a suitably qualified and competent person. Repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous. Miele can- not be held liable for unauthorised work. Do not attempt to open the casing of the CombiSet yourself.
  • Page 29 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy  flashes in the display The wok pan has been taken off the wok for more than 3 minutes. alternating with .  Replace the wok pan or switch the wok off. The overheating protection mechanism has been ac- tivated.
  • Page 30: Optional Accessories

    250 ml Miele appliances. These products can be ordered through the Miele Webshop. These can also be ordered from Miele Removes heavy soiling, limescale de- (see end of this booklet for contact de- posits and aluminium residues tails) or from your Miele dealer.
  • Page 31: Safety Instructions For Installation

    Safety instructions for installation Fit the wall units and cooker hood before fitting the CombiSet to avoid dam- aging it.  The veneer or laminate coatings of worktops (or adjacent kitchen units) must be treated with 100 °C heat-resistant adhesive which will not dissolve or distort.
  • Page 32: Safety Distances

    Safety distances Safety distance above the CombiSet A minimum safety distance must be maintained between the CombiSet and the cooker hood above it. See the cooker hood manufacturer's operating and installation instructions for details. If the manufacturer's instructions are not available for the cooker hood a min- imum safety distance of at least 760 mm must be maintained, or if any flammable objects (e.g.
  • Page 33 Safety distances Safety distances to the sides and back of the hob The CombiSet may be installed with a wall at the rear and a tall unit or wall to one side (right or left) (see illustrations).  Minimum distance between the back of the worktop cut-out and the rear edge of the worktop: Not allowed...
  • Page 34 Safety distances Minimum safety distances un- Interim shelf derneath the hob It is not necessary to fit an interim shelf underneath the hob but one may be fit- To ensure sufficient ventilation to the ted if you wish. hob, a certain gap must be left between the underside of the hob and any oven, Leave a gap of 10 mm at the back of interim shelf or drawer.
  • Page 35 Safety distances Safety distance when installing the appliance near a wall with additional niche cladding A minimum safety distance must be maintained between the worktop cut-out and any niche cladding to protect it from heat damage. If the niche cladding is made from a combustible material (e.g. wood) a minimum safety distance ...
  • Page 36: Installation Notes

    Installation notes Seal between the CombiSet Tiled worktop and the worktop Grout lines  and the hatched area un- derneath the CombiSet frame must be smooth and even. If they are not the Do not use sealant between the CombiSet will not sit flush with the CombiSet and the worktop.
  • Page 37: Building-In Dimensions

    Building-in dimensions a Spring clamps b Front c Casing depth d Mains connection cable, L = 2000 mm...
  • Page 38: Building-In Several Combisets

    Building-in several CombiSets Example: 3 CombiSets a Spring clamps b Spacer bars c Gaps between spacer bars and worktop d Cover strips e CombiSet width minus 8 mm f CombiSet width g CombiSet width minus 8 mm h Worktop cut-out...
  • Page 39 Building-in several CombiSets Calculating the worktop cut-out The frames of the CombiSets overlap the worktop at the outside right and left by 8 mm on each side.  Add up the widths of the CombiSets and subtract 16 mm from this figure. Example: 288 mm + 288 mm + 380 mm = 956 mm - 16 mm = 940 mm The CombiSets are 288 mm, 380 mm or 576 mm wide depending on model (see...
  • Page 40: Installation

    Installation Preparing the worktop  Make the worktop cut-out as shown in "Building-in dimensions" or as cal- culated (see Building-in several CombiSets). Observe the safety dis- tances (see "Safety distances"). Wooden worktops  Seal the cut surfaces with a suitable sealant to avoid swelling caused by moisture.
  • Page 41 Installation Natural stone worktops You will need heavy duty double-side tape (not supplied) to secure the spring clamps and spacer bars.  Apply silicone to the side and lower edges of the spring clamps  and the spacer bars .  Then fill gap  between spacer bar ...
  • Page 42 Installation Building in several CombiSets Installation with a downdraft extractor  Push the built-in CombiSet to the side until the holes in the spacer bar Please refer to the separate "Downdraft can be seen. extractor with CombiSet" instruction manual for details about installing a downdraft extractor with a CombiSet appliance.
  • Page 43 Installation Connecting the CombiSet  Connect the CombiSet(s) to the mains.  Check that each CombiSet works. Removing the CombiSet If the CombiSet cannot be accessed from below, you will need a special tool to remove it.  If the CombiSet can be accessed from below, push it out from below.
  • Page 44: Electrical Connection

    Residual current device  Danger of injury. For extra safety, it is advisable to pro- Miele cannot be held liable for unau- tect the CombiSet with a suitable resid- thorised installation, maintenance ual current device (RCD) with a trip and repair work as this can be dan- range of 30 mA.
  • Page 45 If the mains cable needs to be replaced it must be replaced with a special con- Safety fuses nection cable, type H 05 VV-F (PVC-in- sulated), available from Miele.  Completely remove fuses The connection data is quoted on the Automatic circuit breakers data plate.
  • Page 46: After Sales Service, Data Plate, Guarantee

    N.B. A call-out charge will be applied to service visits where the problem could have been resolved as described in these instructions. When contacting your Dealer or Miele, please quote the model and serial number of your appliance. Data plate Space in which to stick the extra data plate supplied with the appliance.
  • Page 47: Product Data Sheets

    Information for domestic electric hobs In acc. with regulation (EU) No. 66/2014 MIELE Model name / identifier CS 1223-1 Number of cooking zones and/or areas For circular cooking zones: diameter of useful sur- 1. = Ø 300 mm face area/cooking zone 2.
  • Page 51 Tel: +971 4 3044 999 Tel: (01) 461 07 10, Fax: (01) 461 07 97 Fax: +971 4 3418 852 E-Mail: info@miele.ie, Internet: www.miele.ie 800-MIELE (64353) Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG E-Mail: info@miele.ae Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany Internet: www.miele.ae...
  • Page 52 CS 1223-1  en-GB M.-Nr. 09 551 700 / 02...

Table of Contents