Miele ProLine CS 1011-1 Operating And Installation Instructions

Miele ProLine CS 1011-1 Operating And Installation Instructions

Gas wok
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Operating and Installation
ProLine Gas Wok
To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions
before installation or use.
M.-Nr. 11 881 950


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  • Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions ProLine Gas Wok To prevent accidents and machine damage, read these instructions before installation or use. en-US M.-Nr. 11 881 950...
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  WARNING: If the information in this manual is not followed exactly, a fire or explosion may result causing property damage, personal injury, or death. - Do not use or store gasoline or other combustible liquids or vapors in the vicinity of this or any other appliance.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ............IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ............Caring for the environment ................16 Overview......................17 Wok ........................17 Indicators......................17 Knob ........................18 Burner........................19 Included accessories................... 20 Before first use ....................21 Cleaning the ProLine element for the first time ........... 21 Switching on the ProLine element for the first time ..........
  • Page 4 Contents Installation......................39 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - INSTALLATION ........39 Safety distances....................40 Installation notes ....................41 Installation dimensions..................42 Countertop cut-out for several ProLine elements ..........43 Installation ......................45 Gas connection ....................49 Burner ratings ...................... 52 Electrical connection ................... 53...
  • Page 5: Important Safety Instructions

    “IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS”. Miele cannot be held liable for injury or damage caused by non- compliance with these instructions. Keep these instructions in a safe place and pass them on to any future owner.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Appropriate use  This wok is designed for domestic use and for use in similar envi- ronments.  This wok is not intended for outdoor use.  This wok is intended for domestic use only to cook food and keep it warm.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Safety with children  Do not leave children unattended: Children should not be alone or unsupervised in the area where the appliance is installed. Do not al- low them to sit or stand on the appliance.  Children should be supervised in the vicinity of the wok.
  • Page 8  Unauthorized installation, maintenance, and repairs can cause considerable danger for the user. Installation, maintenance, and re- pairs must only be carried out by a Miele authorized technician.  Damage to the wok can compromise your safety. Check the wok for visible signs of damage.
  • Page 9 Do not open the wok housing under any circumstances.  While the appliance is under warranty, repairs should only be un- dertaken by a service technician authorized by Miele Customer Ser- vice. Otherwise the warranty will be invalidated.  Defective components should be replaced by Miele original parts only.
  • Page 10 Do not use the wok if it is damaged or if it suffers damage during use. Switch it off immediately. Disconnect it from the power and gas supply. Contact Miele Customer Service.  If the wok is built in behind a cabinet front (e.g., a door), do not close the door while the wok is in use.
  • Page 11 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Correct use  Keep the wok and the area around it clear and free from com- bustible materials, gasoline, and other flammable vapours and liq- uids.  Wind can blow curtains over the wok, causing them to catch fire. If the wok is installed near a window, do not use long curtains.
  • Page 12 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Never leave the appliance unattended at high heat settings –  Boilover causes smoking and greasy spillovers that may ignite.  Do Not Use Water on Grease Fires – Smother fire or flame or use dry chemical or foam-type extinguisher. ...
  • Page 13 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  If the appliance is switched on by mistake, or if there is residual heat present, there is the risk of any metal items placed on the wok heating up. Other materials can melt or catch fire when the appliance is switched on.
  • Page 14 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS  Only use cookware with a thick enough bottom. Failure to do so may result in damage to the cooktop.  Always use the burner grates supplied with the cooktop. Never place cookware directly on the burner. ...
  • Page 15 Do not use a steam cleaner to clean the wok.  Miele will guarantee to supply functional parts for a minimum of 10 years and up to 15 years following the discontinuation of your ProLine element.
  • Page 16: Caring For The Environment

    Consult with local authorities, dealers or Miele in order to dispose of and recycle electrical and electronic appliances. Miele assumes no responsibility for deleting any personal data left on the appliance being disposed.
  • Page 17: Overview

    Overview a Wok burner b Grates c Knob d Indicators Indicators a In operation b Residual heat...
  • Page 18: Knob

    Overview Knob a  Burner off The gas supply is turned off b  Strongest flame The outer and inner burners are on the highest setting c  Strong flame The outer burner is on the lowest setting, the inner burner on the highest setting d  Over-ignition position The outer burner is ignited by changing from the lowest to the highest setting e  Weak flame...
  • Page 19: Burner

    Overview Burner a Inner burner cap b Outer burner cap c Burner ring d Burner head e Ignition safety device f Ignitor g Burner base...
  • Page 20: Included Accessories

    Overview Included accessories The accessories supplied with your ap- pliance, as well as a range of optional ones, are available to order from Miele (see “Optional accessories”). Wok ring The Wok ring supplied with your appli- ance can be used in instances where extra stability is required.
  • Page 21: Before First Use

    Before first use Cleaning the ProLine element Switching on the ProLine ele- for the first time ment for the first time  Using a soft sponge, clean all remov- The metal components have a protec- able burner parts with a solution of tive coating.
  • Page 22: Cookware

    Cookware - Always place the cookware on the Minimum cookware base diameter grates supplied. Do not place cook- Pots/pans 6" (15  cm) ware directly on the burner. - Position the cookware on the grates Maximum diameter at top of cook- so that it cannot tip.
  • Page 23 Cookware Wok ring Combi-trivet  Use the wok ring supplied to give ad- You must use the combi-trivet if you ditional stability to cookware, espe- wish to use cookware with a smaller di- cially to woks with a rounded base. ameter base than the minimum given in the chart.
  • Page 24: Energy Saving Tips

    Energy saving tips - Whenever possible, keep pots and pans covered while cooking. Doing so will prevent unnecessary heat loss. - Wide, shallow cookware heats up faster and is therefore preferable to tall, narrow cookware. - Cook with as little water as possible. - Reduce the power setting once the water has come to a boil or the oil/fat is hot enough for frying.
  • Page 25: Operation

    Operation Turning the appliance on  Fire hazard due to overheated food.  Press the knob lightly and turn it Unattended food can overheat and counterclockwise to the large flame ignite. symbol. Do not leave the wok unattended  Then press it down firmly to open the while it is being used.
  • Page 26: Adjusting The Flame

    Operation Visual features of gas flames Adjusting the flame Yellow flames As the outer part of the flame is much hotter than the center, the tips of the Call Customer flames should stay beneath the pan Service. base. Flame tips which extend beyond the sides of the pan merely warm up the air in the room and can damage pan handles and increase the risk of...
  • Page 27: In-Operation/Residual-Heat Indicators

    Operation In-operation/residual-heat indi- cators The in-operation indicator will light up when you ignite the burner. A short while later the residual-heat indicator will also light up. The in-operation indi- cator will go out when the burner is switched off. The residual-heat indica- tor will remain on while there is residual heat present.
  • Page 28: Safety Features

    Safety features Ignition safety The wok is equipped with an ignition safety device. If a gas flame is extin- guished (e.g., by food boiling over or by a draft) and re-ignition does not work, the gas supply is switched off. This pre- vents the release of gas.
  • Page 29: Cleaning And Care

    Cleaning and care Unsuitable cleaning agents  Danger of burning due to hot surfaces. To avoid damaging the surfaces of the The wok surface, grates, and burner appliance, do not use: will be hot after use. - cleaning agents containing soda, al- Allow the surfaces to cool down be- kalines, ammonia, acids, or chlorides, fore cleaning the wok.
  • Page 30: Cleaning The Stainless-Steel Cooktop

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the stainless-steel Allow the ProLine element to cool cooktop down before cleaning.   Clean the ProLine element and ac- Risk of damage caused by cessories after each use. pointed objects. The seal between the cooktop and ...
  • Page 31: Cleaning The Knob(S)

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the knob(s) Cleaning the grates  Use a soft sponge, warm water, and  Remove the grates. a small amount of liquid dish soap to  Clean the grates in a dishwasher or clean the knob(s). Soften any stub- with a solution of warm water and a born soiling beforehand.
  • Page 32: Cleaning The Burner

    Cleaning and care  Finally dry everything thoroughly with Cleaning the burner a clean cloth. Make sure that the Do not clean any parts of the burner flame openings are completely dry. in a dishwasher. The surface of the burner cap will be- ...
  • Page 33: Assembling The Burner

    Cleaning and care Assembling the burner  Burners cannot function cor- rectly if they are incorrectly assem-  Place the burner head  onto the bled. This can lead to damage to the burner base  so that the ignition appliance and injury. safety device ...
  • Page 34 Cleaning and care Checking burning properties  Ignite all burners to check that they are operating correctly: - The flame must not go out on the lowest setting, or when the knob is turned quickly from the highest to the lowest setting.
  • Page 35: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions With the help of the following guide minor faults in the performance of the ma- chine, some of which may result from incorrect operation, can be remedied with- out contacting the Service Department. This guide may help you to find the reason for the fault, and how to correct it. Problem Possible cause and solution The burners do not ig-...
  • Page 36 Frequently Asked Questions Problem Possible cause and solution The in-operation/resid- There has been a power outage. ual-heat indicator for a  Turn all knobs clockwise to the  position. When burner is flashing. the power supply is restored, the cooktop can be operated again as usual.
  • Page 37: Optional Accessories

    Optional accessories Miele offers a range of useful acces- Ceramic and stainless steel sories, as well as cleaning and condi- cleaner 250 mL tioning products for your appliance. Removes heavy soiling, lime scale, and These products can be easily ordered aluminum residue.
  • Page 38: Customer Service

    Miele dealer or Miele Customer Service. You can book a Miele Service Call online at www.miele.com/service. Contact information for Miele Customer Service can be found at the end of this document. Please quote the model identifier and serial number of your appliance (SN) when contacting Miele Customer Service.
  • Page 39: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - INSTALLATION  Risk of damage caused by incorrect installation. Incorrect installation can cause damage to the ProLine element. The ProLine element must only be installed by a qualified person.  Damage from falling objects. Take care not to damage the ProLine element when installing upper cabinets or a ventilation hood above it.
  • Page 40: Safety Distances

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Safety distances Dimensions Description  13" (330 mm) Maximum depth of upper cabinet  2" (50 mm) Minimum distance to back wall  18" (457 mm) Minimum safety distance to bottom edge of adjacent cabinet  ≥ cooktop width See “Installation – Installation dimensions”...
  • Page 41: Installation Notes

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Tiled countertop Installation notes Sealing strip between the ProLine el- ement and the countertop The grouting  and the shaded area under the frame of the ProLine element must be smooth and flat so that the frame will sit evenly on the countertop and so that the sealing strip under the ...
  • Page 42: Installation Dimensions

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Installation dimensions All dimensions in this instruction booklet are given in mm and inches. a Spring clips b Front c Height d Installation height for electrical supply connection box with power cord Power cord L = 4' (1,200 mm) e Installation height for gas connection R ½" NPT f Data plate...
  • Page 43: Countertop Cut-Out For Several Proline Elements

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Countertop cut-out for several ProLine elements 2 5 - 3 0 / 1 6 " 1 " - 1 3 2 5 - 3 0 / 1 6 " 1 " - 1 3 5 6 8 3 7 2 / 3 / 8 "...
  • Page 44 *INSTALLATION* Installation Calculating the countertop cut-out The frames of the ProLine elements overlap the countertop at the outside right and left by 5/16" (8 mm) on each side.  Add up the widths of the ProLine elements and subtract 5/8" (16 mm) from this sum.
  • Page 45: Installation

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Securing the spring clamps and Installation spacer bars – wooden countertops Preparing the countertop  Make the countertop cut-out as shown in the illustration in “Installa- tion dimensions” or as calculated (see “Installation” – “Installing several ProLine elements”). Remember to maintain the minimum safety dis- tances (see “Installation”...
  • Page 46 *INSTALLATION* Installation Securing the spring clamps and spacer bars – granite and marble countertops You will need heavy-duty double-sided adhesive tape (not supplied with the appliance) to fasten the spring clips or spacer bars. 3 / 1 6 " 1 " - 1 m m ) m - 3 0 ( 2 5 m...
  • Page 47 *INSTALLATION* Installation Installing the ProLine element Installing several ProLine elements  Feed the power cord down through  Push the built-in ProLine element to the cut-out in the countertop. the side until the holes in the spacer bar can be seen. ...
  • Page 48 *INSTALLATION* Installation Connecting the ProLine element Removing a ProLine element  Connect the ProLine element(s) to the  If the ProLine element is accessible domestic power supply and to the from below, push it up to remove it. gas supply (see “Installation“ – “Elec- Push the back of the appliance out trical connection”...
  • Page 49: Gas Connection

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Gas connection The gas hose and power cord could be damaged by hot spots on the ap-  Connection to the gas supply pliance. may only be performed by a duly au- Make sure that the gas hose and thorized technician.
  • Page 50 If the appliance is not equipped with the United States or the current Natural correct connection for the gas type in Gas and Propane Installation Code, your household, contact your Miele CSA B149.l. for Canada. dealer. The gas pressure may not under- shoot or exceed certain values.
  • Page 51 Gas leak due to unsuitable regulator. Only use the regulator supplied by Miele. If you are in any doubt, contact Miele Customer Service. Leakage test  After connecting the appliance check all fittings for gas leaks e.g. with soapy water.
  • Page 52: Burner Ratings

    *INSTALLATION* Installation Burner ratings Gas type BTU/hr Natural gas 17,500 Liquid propane 17,500...
  • Page 53: Electrical Connection

    Canadian Electric Code, CSA Work by unqualified persons can C22.1-02. in Canada. cause considerable danger to users. Miele cannot be held liable for any damage arising as a result of such work. Installation, repair and maintenance work should only be performed by a Miele authorized service technician.
  • Page 54 *INSTALLATION* Installation Power cord and plug The appliance is equipped with a flexi- ble power cord and a 3-prong ground- ing plug for your protection against shock hazard. The plug must be in- serted into a properly grounded outlet.  Do not cut or remove the grounding prong from this plug.
  • Page 55 Customer Service. U.S.A. Canada Miele, Inc. Importer Miele Limited National Headquarters 9 Independence Way Headquarters and Miele Centre Princeton, NJ 08540 161 Four Valley Drive www.mieleusa.com Vaughan, ON L4K 4V8 www.miele.ca Customer Support Phone: 888-99-MIELE (64353) Customer Care Centre info@mieleusa.com...
  • Page 56 CS 1011-1 en-US M.-Nr. 11 881 950 / 01...

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