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Grounding The Switch By Using The Ac Power Cord; Installing/Removing A Power Supply - HP flexnetwork 5510 hi series Installation Manual

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Figure 21 Grounding the switch by burying the grounding conductor into the earth ground
(1) Grounding screw
(4) Earth

Grounding the switch by using the AC power cord

If the installation site has no grounding strips or earth ground, you can ground an AC-powered switch
through the PE wire of the power cord. Make sure:
The power cord has a PE terminal.
The ground contact in the power outlet is securely connected to the ground in the power
distribution room or on the AC transformer side.
The power cord is securely connected to the power outlet.
• If the ground contact in the power outlet is not connected to the ground, report the problem and
reconstruct the grounding system.
• As a best practice to guarantee the grounding effect, use the grounding cable provided with the
switch to connect to the grounding strip in the equipment room.

Installing/removing a power supply

In power redundancy mode, you can replace a power supply without powering off the switch but you
must strictly follow the installation and procedures in
injury or damage to the switch.
Provide a circuit breaker for each power supply.
(2) Chassis rear panel
(5) Joint
Figure 22
(3) Grounding cable
(6) Grounding conductor
Figure 23
to avoid any bodily

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