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With electric double oven
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If the cooker is installed adjacent to furniture which is higher than the gas hob cooktop, a
gap of at least 50 mm must be left between the side of the cooker and the furniture.
The appliance may be installed in a kitchen, Kitchen/diner or a bed sitting room, but not
in a room or space containing a bath or a shower.
The appliance must not be installed in a bed-sitting room of less than 20 m
Curtains must not be fitted immediately behind appliance or within 500 mm of the sides.
The cooker is equipped with 4 levelling feet which must be fitted to the base of the cooker.
It is essential that the cooker is positioned as stated in Fig. 9.1.
If the cooker is located on a pedestal it is necessary to provide safety measures to pre-
vent it falling out.
The appliance should be installed into a room or space with an air supply in
accordance with BS 5440-2: 2000.
For rooms with a volume of less than 5 m
area will be required.
For rooms with a volume of between 5 m
50 cm
free area will be required unless the room has a door which opens directly
to the outside air in which case no permanent ventilation is required.
For rooms with a volume greater than 10 m
NB. Regardless of room size, all rooms containing the appliance must have direct
access to the outside air via an openable window or equivalent.
Where there are other fuel burning appliances in the same room, BS 5440-2: 2000
should be consulted to determine the correct amount of free area ventilation
The above requirements allow also for use of a gas oven and grill but if there are
other gas burning appliances in the same room, consult a qualified engineer.
- permanent ventilation of 100 cm
and 10 m
a permanent ventilation of
- no permanent ventilation is required.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents