Kenwood CK 230 FS Instructions For Use Manual page 28

With electric double oven
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Gas connection
The gas supply must use the nearest gas inlet pipe which is located at the left or the
right hand side at the rear of the appliance (figs. 10.1 - 10.3).
The hose should also be connected in such away that it does not touch the floor.
To screw the connecting tube operate with two spanners (fig. 10.2).
The unused end inlet pipe must be closed with the plug interposing the gasket.
After connecting to the mains, check that the coupling are correctly sealed, using
soapy solution, but never a flame.
1/2" BSP (male)
Cat: II 2H3+
Left gas
inlet pipe
Right gas
inlet pipe
Fig. 10.1
Fig. 10.2


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents