Kenwood CK 230 FS Instructions For Use Manual page 5

With electric double oven
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• Fire risk! Do not store flammable material in the ovens.
• Make sure that electrical cables connecting other appliances in the proximity of the cooker
cannot come into contact with the hob or become entrapped in the oven door/s.
• Do not line the oven walls with aluminium foil. Do not place baking trays or the drip tray on
the base of the oven chamber.
• The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to persons or damage to property caused
by incorrect or improper use of the appliance.
• The various components of the appliance are recyclable. Dispose of them in accordance
with the regulations in force in your country. If the appliance is to be scrapped, remove the
power cord.
• Always use oven gloves when removing the shelves and food trays from the oven whilst
• Do not hang towels, dishcloths or other items on the appliance or its handle/s – as this
could be a fire hazard.
• Clean the oven regularly and do not allow fat or oils to build up in the oven base or tray.
Remove spillages as soon as they occur.
• Do not stand on the cooker or on the open oven door/s.
• Always stand back from the appliance when opening the oven door/s to allow steam and
hot air to escape before removing the food.
• This appliance is for domestic use only.
• WARNING: Taking care NOT to lift the cooker by the door handle/s.
• Safe food handling: leave food in the oven for as short a time as possible before and
after cooking. This is to avoid contamination by organisms which may cause food poi-
soning. Take particular care during warmer weather.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents