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Serial Number Format - Xerox Phaser 8560MFP Service Documentation

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The Parts List section identifies all part numbers and the corresponding location of all spared
subsystem components.
Use of the Term "Assembly"
The term "assembly" is used for items in the parts listing that may include other itemized parts.
When the word "ass embly" is f ound in t he par t number listing, there will be a corres ponding
item n umber on t he i llustrations f ollowed b y a brac ket and a list ing of t he cont ents of t he
Using the Parts Lists
Only t hose par ts list ed wit h par t n umbers are available f or order . P arts li sted wit hout pa rt
numbers are only available as part of a parent assembly or Service Kit.
Item.: The callout number from the exploded part diagram.
Part Number: The material part number used to order specific parts
Description: Name of the part and number supplied per order.
Parts throughout this manual are referenced PL#.#.#; For example, PL 3.0.10 means the
part is item 10 of Parts List 3.0.
A black triangle preceding a number followed by a parent hetical statement indicates the
item is a parent assembly, made up of the parts listed in parentheses and enclosed by a
dashed line.
The not ation " (with X~Y)" f ollowing a par t nam e indicat es an ass embly inc ludes
components X through Y. For example, "1 (with 2~4)" means part 1 consists of parts 2, 3,
and 4
The notation "J1<>J2 and P 2" is attached to a wire har ness. It indicates that connector
Jack 1 i s attached t o one end of t he wire har ness and connector J2 is at tached t o the
other end that is plugged into P2.
Initial Issue
Phaser 8510/8560MFP Multifunction Product

Serial Number Format

Changes to Xer ox product s are m
improvements are made, par t numbers may change from those appearing in t his section. To
get the latest part, provide the following information when ordering:
Component's part number
Product type or configuration number
Serial number of the printer
The serial number is coded as follows:
The text "S/N" followed by the serial number in the barcode.
The barcode does not include a field identifier.
The nine digit serial number format PPPRSSSSS where:
PPP - Is the alphanumeric Product Code
Table 1 8560MFP Multifunction Product Code
R - Is the numeric revision digit. Changes at major product updates or when
the serial number is reset to a starting value.
SSSSS - Is the five digit numeric serial number.
For example: S/N CXF453072
CXF = Product code for the 8560, configuration DN, 110 V Printer
4 = Revision level
53072 = Serial number for 8560 DN
Figure 1 Serial Number Location
Parts List Overview, Serial Number Format
ade t o ac commodate i mproved com ponents. A s
Product Code
110 / 220 V
Parts List



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