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NEC MD21GS-3MP Installation & Maintenance Manual page 9

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On-Screen Manager
RESOLUTION NOTIFIER: This optimal resolution is 1536 x 2048. If ON is selected, a message will appear on the
screen after 30 seconds, notifying you that the resolution is not at 1536 x 2048.
HOT KEY: You can adjust the brightness directly. When this function is set to ON, you can adjust the brightness
with <, >, +, or –, while the OSM menu is off. The standard OSM can be accessed with the EXIT button.
FACTORY PRESET: Selecting Factory Preset allows you to reset all OSM control settings (BRIGHTNESS, POSITION
DOWN/UP, OSM TURN OFF, DISPLAY MODE) back to the factory settings. Individual settings can be reset by
highlighting the control to be reset and pressing the RESET button.
DISPLAY MODE: Provides information about the current resolution display and technical data including the preset
timing being used and the horizontal and vertical frequencies.
MONITOR INFO.: Indicates the model and serial numbers of your display.
OSM Warnings
To clear the on-screen warning, press the EXIT button.
NO SIGNAL: This function gives a warning when there is no Horizontal or Vertical Sync. After power is turned on
or when there is a change of input signal, the No Signal window will appear.
RESOLUTION NOTIFIER: This function gives a warning of use with optimized resolution. After power is turned on
or when there is a change of input signal or the video signal doesn't have proper resolution, the Resolution
Notifier window will open. This function can be disabled in the TOOLS 2 menu.
OUT OF RANGE: This function gives a recommendation of the optimized resolution and refresh rate. After the
power is turned on or there is a change of input signal or the video signal doesn't have proper timing, the Out Of
Range menu will appear.
OSM LOCK OUT: This function indicates that the OSM function has been locked by the user. This can be disabled
using the CUSTOM LOCK OUT menu.
LAMP LIFETIME: At 1000/500/0 hours, the OSM warning will be displayed. The display cannot hold user set
luminance levels, however, white point will be maintained. Please contact your supplier when this OSM warning
is displayed.
BRIGHTNESS WARNING: This function indicates when the BRIGHTNESS setting cannot be complete.



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