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NEC MD21GS-3MP Installation & Maintenance Manual page 15

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White Point Matching/Copy Calibration
9. Press SELECT on Display B to start reading the white point information of Display A.
10. After copying Display A information, the target LUMINANCE and target chromaticity coordinates will be stored and
displayed in the OSM of Display B. The TARGET VALUE is not adjustable (Figure C.9).
11. Remove USB sensor from source Display A and place in the center of Display B (Figure C.2).
12. Press SELECT to start the copy calibration. Copy calibration may take several minutes depending on user settings.
13. Once the calibration is successfully completed, the white points of Display A and Display B should match. After the
CALIBRATION SUCCEEDED message appears (Figure C.10), press SELECT to continue into the FINE TUNING MODE.
14. At the FINE TUNING MODE message (Figure C.11), press EXIT if the calibration is satisfactory. If the calibration is
unsatisfactory, there are two options:
(A) Manually fine tune the white point using the "+" and "–" keys.
(B) Restart the automatic copy calibration, press SELECT and return to Step 3.
15. To end the calibration mode, press "EXIT".
Figure C.4
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Figure C.10
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Figure C.11
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