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Features - NEC MD21GS-3MP Installation & Maintenance Manual

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DVI-D: The digital-only subset of DVI ratified by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) for digital connections between
computers and displays. As a digital-only connector, analog support is not provided off a DVI-D connector. As a DVI-based
digital only connection, only a simple adapter is necessary for compatibility between DVI-D and other DVI-based digital
connectors such as DFP and P&D.
P&D (Plug and Display): The VESA standard for digital flat panel display interfaces. It is more robust than DFP since it
allows for other options off a signal connector (options like USB, analog video and IEEE-1394-995). The VESA committee
has recognized that DFP is a subset of P&D. As a DVI-based connector (for the digital input pins), only a simple adapter is
necessary for compatibility between P&D and other DVI-based digital connector such as DVI and DFP.
Pivoting Stand: Allows users to adjust the display to the orientation that best fits their application, either Landscape orienta-
tion for wide documents, or portrait orientation for the ability to preview a full page on one screen at one time.
Reduced Footprint: Provides the ideal solution for environments requiring superior image quality but with size and weight
limitations. The display's small footprint and low weight allow it to be moved or transported easily from one location to
OSM (On-Screen Manager) Controls: advanced OSM controls allow you to quickly and easily adjust all elements of your
screen image via simple to use on-screen menus and includes a complete OSM Lock Out function.
ErgoDesign Features: Enhance human ergonomics to improve the working environment, protect the health of the user and
save money. Examples include OSM controls for quick and easy image adjustments, tilt base for preferred angle of vision,
small footprint and compliance with MPRII guideline for lower emissions.
Anti-glare and Low-reflection Screen: an anti-glare and low-reflection screen reduces glare and ambient reflection. The
BLACK level perception of the display is improved resulting in a clearer image.
Plug and Play: The Microsoft solution with the Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP operating system facilitates setup and
installation by allowing the display to send its capabilities (such as screen size and resolutions supported) directly to your
computer, automatically optimizing display performance.
Multiple Frequency Technology: Automatically adjusts display to the display card's scanning frequency, thus displaying the
resolution required.
FullScan Capability: Allows you to use the entire screen area in most resolutions, significantly expanding image size.
Wide Viewing Angle Technology: Allows the user to be able to see the display from any angle (176 degrees) from any
orientation — Portrait or Landscape. Provides full 176° viewing angles either up, down, left or right.
VESA Standard Mounting Interface: Allows users to connect their NEC display to any VESA standard third party mounting
arm or bracket. Allows for the display to be mounted on a wall or an arm using any third party compliant device.
X-Light Backlight System: Using an internal sensor, this allows for consistent brightness and white point levels over a long
period of time, providing the basis for excellent diagnostic quality. The system also allows for easy multiple display white
point matching with the use of a calibrator puck (sold separately), contributing to reduced costs and increased efficiency.



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