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Display Adjustment & Mounting - NEC MD21GS-3MP Installation & Maintenance Manual

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Display Adjustment & Mounting
Raise and Lower Display Screen
The display may be raised or lowered in either portrait or land-
scape mode. To raise or lower the screen, place hands on each
side of the display and lift or lower to the desired height.
Handle with care when raising or lowering the
display screen and avoid pinching your fingers.
Screen Rotation
Before rotating, the screen must be raised to the highest level to
avoid knocking the screen on the stand or pinching your fingers. To
rotate the screen, place hands on each side of the display screen and
turn clockwise from landscape to portrait or counterclockwise from
portrait to landscape. To rotate the orientation of the OSM menu
between landscape and portrait, refer to the "OSM" section,
"OSM Rotation" function.
Tilt and Swivel
Grasp the left and right sides of the display screen with your hands and
adjust the tilt and/or swivel as desired. NOTE: Handle with care when
tilting the screen.
Alternative VESA LCD Mounting
1. Disconnect all cables.
2. Place hands on each side of the display and lift up to the highest position.
Rotate the screen 90˚ counterclockwise to the landscape postion.
3. Place display face down on a nonabrasive surface in the landscape
position. Place the screen on at least a 29 mm platform so that the
stand is parallel with the surface (Figure S.1).
4. Remove the two top screws connecting the display to the stand (Figure S.2).
Turn the stand to 180˚ counter clockwise (you will hear two clicks).
Remove the screws from the bottom (Figure S.3) and lift off the stand. The display is now ready for mounting in an
alternate manner.
5. Reverse this process to reattach stand: tighten the two bottom screws, turn stand 180˚ counterclockwise (you will hear
two clicks), and tighten two top screws.
Use only VESA-compatible alternative mounting method (100mm pitch).
Handle with care when removing the display stand.
When the display is in landscape, be sure the two round indents are at the bottom of the screen (Figure S.4).
CAUTION: Use the original screws (4 pcs) when mounting to avoid damage to the display and stand. To fulfill the safety
requirements the display must be mounted to an arm which guaranties the necessary stability under consideration of the
weight of the display. The display can only be used with an approved arm (e.g. GS mark).
Figure S.2
Figure S.3
Figure S.1
Figure S.4



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