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NEC MD21GS-3MP Installation & Maintenance Manual page 27

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Quick Start
Display Card* Installation
1. Following your PC manufacturer's guidelines, open your computer to access the PCI,
AGP or PCI E slot.
2. Place the display card into an available PCI, AGP or PCI E slot and secure all screws.
3. Replace the computer cover.
NOTE: For information on installing drivers, display modes in multimonitor mode, the
setting the dip switches, please refer to the display card manufacturer's
* A Display card is optional for the United States, it is included as a standard accessory for Europe.
Connecting the LCD to Your PC
Once the display card is successfully installed, follow these instructions to connect the
display to your PC.
1. Shut down your computer and turn off the power.
2. Connect the DVI-D signal cable to the connector of the display card in your system
(Figure A.1).
NOTE: For dual displays, plug a DVI-D cables into Port 1 and Port 2 of the display
card (Figure A.1). For further information on display card installation, refer to the
display card manual. Tighten all screws.
3. Remove the cable cover by pressing the two tabs to unlock. Lift the cover to remove
(Figure B.1).
4. Connect the DVI-D signal cable to the connector on the back of the display (Figure C.1).
NOTE: Incorrect cable connections may result in irregular operation, damage display
quality/components of LCD module, and/or shorten the module life.
5. Connect one end of the power cord to the AC inlet on the back of the display and the
other end to the power outlet (Figure C.1). Replace the cable cover.
NOTE: Refer to the Display Adjustment & Mounting section to check tilt, raise and
lower display screen and screen rotation when you manage cables and power cord.
NOTE: Please refer to the Power Cord Important Information section of this manual
for proper selection of AC power cord.
6. Collect cables and power cord and place them under the cable clip (Figure B.1).
NOTE: Release the cables from the clip before removing the cable cover.
7. Turn on the display with the power switch on the top (portrait) or left side (landscape)
of the display (Figure D.1). Turn on the computer.
NOTE: DO NOT switch on/off repeatedly.



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