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Installation Instructions; Unit Structure; Delivery Variants; Important Information - AEG MTH 350 Operating And Installation Instructions

Hydraulically controlled, open small-instantaneous water heater with bare-wire heating system
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Installation instructions


Unit structure

1 cold water connection, SW14
3 Snap closing catch
5 Cover securing screw
7 Unit front panel
9 Connection cable 700 mm long
11 Jet regulator SR 5 bei MTH 570

Delivery variants

MTH 350, MTH 440, MTH 570
MTH 350 with AHo 40 MTH
MTH 350 with AHu 40 MTH
MTH 350 with AHEu 40 MTH

Important information

Air in the cold water pipe will destroy the bare-wire heating system of the MTH. If the water supply to
the MTH has been interrupted, for example due to the risk of frost or work on the water pipe, the fol-
lowing steps must be carried out before the system is used again:
1. Disconnect supply or disconnect the fuses.
2. Open a hot water tap downstream of the device for as long as it is necessary for the device and the cold
water pipe to be freed of air.
3. Reconnect the supply or connect the fuses again.
All information in these Instructions for Use and Installation must be followed carefully. They provide impor-
tant information with regard to safety, operation, installation, and maintenance of the device.

Brief description

The hydraulically controlled open (non pressure-type) instantaneous water heater MTH is designed to heat
cold water for one draw off point.
The unit is suitable for hand wash basins, for example in guest WC's, and for under-sink and over-sink installation.
The bare-wire heating system is suitable for low-lime and limy water (see Table 2 for ranges of use).


Only non pressurised taps can be used for this appliance.
Please use jet regulator

Regulations and provisions

Installation (water and electrical installation), as well as the first start-up and maintenance of this unit, may
only be carried out by a qualified installer in accordance with these instructions.
Faultless operation and operational safety are only guaranteed if the original accessories and spare parts in-
tended for the unit are used.
In accordance with IEE and WRC Regulations.
Regulations of the local energy supply company.
Regulations of the relevant water supply company.
The following should also be observed:
The unit rating plate.
Technical data (see Table 1).
The specific electrical resistance of the water must not be lower than specified on the rating plate. In the
case is used out ot the water grid supply network, the lowest electrical resistance of the water is to be ta-
ken into account (see Table 2). Your water supply company will advise you of the specific electrical
resistance or the electrical conductivity of the water.
Water installation:
A safety valve is not necessary.
Operating the unit with preheated water only up to max. 25 °C is permitted!
Fittings: see "2.5".
Electrical installation:
It must be possible to isolate the unit from the main supply on all poles with an isolating distance of at least
3 mm, for example using fuses.
(10 or 11) depending on the type of MTH in question).
for the user and the qualified installer
2 Sieve within cold water connectrion
4 Hot water connection; SW14
6 Unit rear panel
8 Fixing holes
10 Jet regulator SR 3 for MTH 350 and MTH 440
12 Identification plate


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