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Operating And Installation Instructions; Installation; Wall Mounting; Water Connection - AEG EWH Comfort 30 Operating And Installation Instructions

Closed wallmounted storage heaters
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Operating and installation instructions

Keep these instructions in a safe place. Hand them over to the new owner if the appliance changes
hands. Make them available to the fitter when any maintenance work or repairs are carried out.



Wall mounting

Fit the EWH Comfort / Comfort N wall-mounted storage water heaters in a frost-proof room next to
the connection point.
The materials used to mount the appliance must be selected according to the strength of the wall.
The combined weight of the storage water heaters and their water filling (see the table „Technical
specifications") must be taken into consideration.
The position of the screws required for installation is shown in Figure 3.
The mounting brackets for installation are an integral part of the storage water heater.
The wall-mounted storage water heaters are suitable for vertical or horizontal wall mounting (see
Fig. 3).

Water connection

The appliance must be connected to the water system by an authorised specialist technician,
taking the applicable installation instructions and the relevant standards and regulations into
The water connection is unvented (pressure-proof ) to supply several drawing points.
The wall-mounted storage water heater is suitable for connection to plastic pipe systems.
Information on connecting to plastic pipe systems: In the event of malfunctions, temperatures of up
to 95 °C (max. 0.6 MPa) can occur. Any plastic pipes used must be designed for these conditions.
If the water pressure is higher than 5 bar, a pressure reducer must be fitted in the cold-water
supply line.
Before connecting the storage water heater to the water pipe, rinse out the pipe thoroughly to
prevent any foreign objects from entering the storage water heater or the safety components.
It is recommended to install the storage water heater in the way shown in Figure 4.
The storage water heater must always be installed together with an approved diaphragm
safety valve.
The safety information given in the installation instructions for the diaphragm safety valve must be
The safety valve must be checked to ensure that it is functioning correctly.
The safety valve protects the storage water heater from excessive increases in pressure. The
EWH Comfort wall-mounted storage water heaters are fitted with a safety valve without non-return
valve as an accessory. The EWH Comfort N wall-mounted storage water heaters are fitted with a
safety valve with non-return valve as an accessory. The safety valve must be actuated at regular
intervals to prevent it from jamming as a result of furring (lime deposits).
The dripping-water outlet of the safety valve (for EWH Comfort N appliances) must always remain
open to the atmosphere.
The dripping-water outlet must be connected to a downward-pointing drain pipe which ensures
unobstructed drainage of the water.
Filling: After connecting the storage water heater, open the stop valve.
Then open the hot-water tap. The storage water heater is full when water is discharged from the
hot-water tap.
Then close the outlet tap and check the system for leaks.
Never connect the storage water heater to the electrical power supply without first checking
whether the storage water heater is actually filled with water.
For the user and fitter

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