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Installation Instructions - AEG Huz 5 OKO Comfort Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

Water heater, open vented
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2. Installation instructions

Only contractors must install the appliance and make the
electrical connection in full compliance with these instal-
lation instructions.
2.1 Appliance layout
1 Temperature selector
2 Indicator
4 DHW connection (red)
5 Power cable
6 Mounting bracket
7 Protective pipe for high limit safety cut-out
8 Protective pipe for thermostat with reset function
9 Type plate
2.2 Appliance description
Open vented (unpressurised) water heater Huz 5 ÖKO
heating cold water in compliance with DIN 1988 / EN 806.
Only use taps suitable for open vented (unpressur-
ised) water heaters.
Huz 5 ÖKO Comfort
Production no.
"ThermoStop" function
Rated capacity
Heating output
Max. flow rate
Protection level to DIN
EN 60529
Power cable with plug
Temperature setting
range (infinitely adjust-
Table 1
Hoz 5 Comfort
5 l
Open vented
Open vented
3.1 kg
See type plate
See type plate
230 V
5 l/min
IP 24 D
Approx. 600 mm
Approx. 600 mm
2.4 Instructions and regulations
» Perfect function and safe operation can only be as-
sured when using original AEG Haustechnik acces-
sories and spare parts intended for the appliance.
» Observe regulations of your local power and water
supply utilities.
» DIN VDE 0100 and DIN 1988, EN 806.
» The tap outlet has a ventilation function. Never shut
OFF the outlet connector or tap pivoting arm.
Never use a perlator or hose with jet controller.
» A safety power socket is required to connect the
appliance, which must be freely accessible after
installing the appliance. Where the appliance is to
(junction box for the device), ensure that all poles
tion box for the appliance) ensure that all poles can
be separated from the power supply with a contact
separation of at least 3 mm.
Installation with direct (permanent) power cables is
not permitted.
2.5 Important information
If this appliance is subjected to mains pressure,
the cylinder may leak and cause water damage.
If the water connections at the appliance are inter-
changed, the heater will become inoperative and
components may be damaged.
2.6 Installation location
Install the heater vertically, in a room which is free from
the risk of frost.
Huz 5 ÖKO Comfort
Hoz 5 Comfort:
Oversink installation B Water connections below
5 l
The longest permissible length of the connecting pipes
3.1 kg
230 V
5 l/min
2.7 Appliance installation
IP 24 D
» Install the mounting bracket, using the installation
template (Installation template in the centre part
materials in accordance with the wall construction/
» Hook the appliance into the mounting bracket.
The colour designation of tap connection pipes and
heater must match:
Information regarding twin-lever mixer taps
The handles of the twin-lever mixer taps are supplied
in accordance with DIN 44897:
DHW on the right (red).
Installation - for contractors
A Water connections above



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