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Transferring Phone Software, Application and Media Files


On OpenStage 40/60/80, a custom background image for the telephony interface can be sup-
plied. In most cases, this will be the company logo.
On OpenStage 40, monochrome bitmap files (BMP) are supported. The ideal size is as follows:
Width: 144 px
Height: 32 px
On OpenStage 60/80, the supported file formats are JPEG and PNG. The ideal size values are
is as follows:
OpenStage 60:
Width: 240 px
Height: 70 px
OpenStage 80:
Width: 480 px
Height: 142 px
If the size should deviate from these values, the image will appear skewed.
For creating a logo file, see section 4.2, "How to Create Logo Files for OpenStage Phones".

FTP/HTTPS Access Data

If the default FTP/HTTPS access settings (see section 3.8.2, "Common FTP Settings") are to
be used, Use default must be set to "Yes", and only the Filename must be specified.
Data required (in every case)
Use default: Specifies whether the default FTP/HTTPS access settings shall be used.
Value range: "Yes", "No".
Filename: Specifies the file name of the logo file.
Download method: Selects the protocol to be used.
Value range: "FTP", "HTTPS".
Default: "FTP".
Server: IP address or hostname of the FTP/HTTPS server in use.
Server port: Port number of the FTP/HTTPS server in use.
Default: 21.
Account: Account at the server (if applicable).
Username: User name for accessing the server.
Password: Password corresponding to the user name.
FTP path: Path of the directory containing the files.
OpenStage HFA Family, Administration Manual


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