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Dialing; Canonical Dialing Configuration - Siemens HiPath 3000 Administration Manual

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Canonical Dialing Configuration

Call numbers taken from a directory application, LDAP for instance, are mostly expressed in
canonical format. Moreover, call numbers entered into the local phone book are automatically
converted and stored in canonical format, thereby adding "+", Local country code, Local na-
tional code, and Local enterprise number as prefixes. If, for instance, the user enters the ex-
tension "1234", the local country code is "49", the local national code is "89", and the local en-
terprise number is "722", the resulting number in canonical format is "+49897221234".
For generating an appropiate dial string, a conversion from canonical format may be required.
The following parameters determine the local settings of the phone, like Local country code
or Local national code, and define rules for converting from canonical format to the format re-
quired by the PBX.
To enable the number conversion, all parameters not marked as optional must be
provided, and the canonical lookup settings must be configured (see section 3.6.2,
"Canonical Dial Lookup").
Data required
Local country code: E.164 Country code, e.g. "49" for Germany, "44" for United Kingdom.
Maximum length: 5.
National prefix digit: Prefix for national connections, e.g. "0" in Germany and United King-
dom. Maximum length: 5.
Local national code: Local area code or city code, e.g. "89" for Munich, "20" for London.
Maximum length: 6.
Minimal local number length: Minimum number of digits in a local PSTN number, e.g.
3335333 = 7 digits.
Local enterprise number: Number of the company/PBX wherein the phone is residing.
Maximum length: 10. (Optional)
PSTN access code: Access code used for dialing out from a PBX to a PSTN. Maximum
length: 10. (Optional)
International access code: International prefix used to dial to another country, e.g. "00"
in Germany and United Kingdom. Maximum length: 5.
Operator codes: List of extension numbers for a connection to the operator. The numbers
entered here are not converted to canonical format. Maximum length: 50. (Optional)
Emergency number: List of emergency numbers to be used for the phone. If there are
more than one numbers, they must be separated by commas. The numbers entered here
are not converted to canonical format. Maximum length: 50. (Optional)
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