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Date And Time; Sntp Is Available, But No Automatic Configuration By Dhcp Server - Siemens HiPath 3000 Administration Manual

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Date and Time

To ensure that HFA security operates properly, the phone must obtain the correct date and time
before logging on to the system. For this purpose, the phone must use the same SNTP server
that is used by the system/PBX. If the DHCP server in your network provides the IP address of
the SNTP server, no manual configuration is necessary. If not, you have to set the SNTP IP
address parameter manually.
The date and time to be displayed can be obtained either from the SNTP server or from the
system/PBX. To select SNTP-based date and time, set the Time source parameter to "SNTP".
The default value is "System".
For correct display of the current time, the Timezone offset must be set appropriately. This is
the time offset from UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). If, for instance, the phone is located in
Munich, Germany, the offset is +1 (or simply 1); if it is located in Los Angeles, USA, the offset
is -8. For countries or areas with half-our time zones, like South Australia or India, non-integer
values can be used, for example 10.5 for South Australia (UTC +10:30).
If the phone is located in a country with daylight saving, the administrator can choose whether
daylight saving time is activated manually or automatically. If Use daylight saving is enabled,
and Auto time change is disabled, daylight saving time (DST) is in effect immediately. If Auto
time change is enabled, daylight saving is controlled by the Time zone parameter. This selects
the daylight saving time zone which is characterized by the start and end date for daylight sav-
ing time.
The Difference (minutes) provides the time difference for daylight saving time in minutes. This
parameter is required also when Auto time change is enabled. In Germany, for instance, as in
most countries, this is +60.
The Current DISPLAY Time is the date and time according to the timezone and daylight saving
settings; this date and time is presented to the user. The Current UTC Time is the UTC time
used by the phone and the system internally.

SNTP is available, but no automatic configuration by DHCP server

Data required
SNTP IP address: IP address or hostname of the SNTP server.
Timezone offset (hours): Shift in hours corresponding to UTC.
Use daylight saving: Enables or disables daylight saving time in conjunction with Auto
time change.
Value range: "Yes", "No".
Difference (minutes): Time difference when daylight saving time is in effect.
Auto time change / Auto DST: Enables or disables automatic control of daylight saving
time according to the Time zone.
Value range: "Yes", "No".
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