Motorola dct6208 Reference Manual

Motorola dct6208 Reference Manual

Motorola dct6208: user guide
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 ® REV3- TV Guide Interactive . We Make TV Better...
  • Page 2 TV Guide Interactive Reference Manual CONFIDENTIAL – TV GUIDE INTERACTIVE, INC. Distribution other than to recipient must be approved in writing by TV Guide Interactive, Inc. This material contains proprietary and confidential information of TV Guide Interactive, Inc., and is and remains the sole exclusive property of TV Guide Interactive, Inc.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents... iii Welcome ... 1 Digital Video Recorder ... 2 Recording Capacity ... 2 The DCT6208 Front Panel ... 3 The DCT6208 Back Panel ... 4 Important Safety Instructions... 5 Basic Guide Navigation Tips ... 6 Remote Control Features ... 6 Menus - Access Digital Cable ...
  • Page 4 Video On Demand Packages ... 35 Premium Services... 36 Digital Music... 37 Weather... 38 Messages... 38 Parental Controls and Purchase PINS ... 39 PINS Setup ... 39 Parental Control Locks Setup... 39 View Locked Programs... 40 Bypass or Clear Locks... 40 Restore Locks...
  • Page 5: Welcome

    Welcome Introducing the most exciting new service to hit television, now available from your cable ® provider. With your Digital Video Recorder…powered by TV Guide Interactive , now more than ever…you can have COMPLETE CONTROL of your TV.* Imagine…coming home to your own personal library of television programs, movies, and...
  • Page 6: Digital Video Recorder

    Digital Video Recorder Your DVR service features Motorola DCT6208 with built in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) empowering you to control what you watch and when you watch it. It allows you to store and access TV programs— functioning like a VCR, but with no videotape. With the DVR you can also pause live TV and choose the shows you want to record through TV Guide’s Interactive...
  • Page 7: The Dct6208 Front Panel

    The DCT6208 Front Panel The DCT6208 front panel has 12 keys and an LED display. Use the keys to perform basic functions such as access the interactive program guide, navigate menus, and purchase Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View events. ▲▼◄ ► CURSOR...
  • Page 8: The Dct6208 Back Panel

    The DCT6208 Back Panel The rear panel of the DCT6208 consists of three types of interfaces - audio, video and data. The table following this drawing describes each connection and its use. Description TO TV/VCR This coaxial output connector is used to connect the DCT6208 to a TV or VCR operating on channel 3 or 4.
  • Page 9: Important Safety Instructions

    The OPTICAL SPDIF connector is an optical digital output connection that carries Dolby SPDIF Digital 5.1 audio or PCM audio. It is used to connect the DCT6208 to a stereo tuner or A/V receiver to provide surround- sound, theater style audio. IEEE 1394 Firewall Digital Interface.
  • Page 10: Basic Guide Navigation Tips

    Basic Guide Navigation Tips Yellow is always the highlight color. As you navigate listings using your remote, the highlight appears on screen to indicate your current selection. Press the ▲▼◄ ► buttons on your remote to move the highlight. Press OK to make your selection. Press the EXIT button on your remote to return to watching TV.
  • Page 11: Menus - Access Digital Cable

    Menus - Access Digital Cable Main Menu TV Guide Interactive’s Main access to all the features of digital cable. Press MENU on your remote, then select from the options available, including TV listings By Time, viewing options by genre, Parental Controls, Favorites, Local Weather and more.
  • Page 12: Quick Access Menu

    Quick Access Menu Quick Access Menu provides shortcuts to other areas of the program guide and appears on listing and menu screens, other than the Quick Access Menu Guide Symbols to Know - Quick Access Menu Icons These icons may appear in your provider offers.
  • Page 13: Search Categories And Listings

    Search Categories and Listings ® Finding something to watch is easy with TV Guide Interactive . Sort and view program listings that interest you, including Listings By Time and By Channel, or by Genre such as Movies, Sports, Children and more. Select a category from the Main Menu or the Quick Access Menu...
  • Page 14: Program Listings

    Program Listings Program listings appear in a grid format with channel numbers and network call letters down the left side and times along the top. Listings are color coded to help you identify different types of programs: Blue – Regular programs Purple –...
  • Page 15: Listings By Channel

    Listings by Channel Select By Channel on the see listings organized By Channel. Press the ► button to see listings for the next channel in sequence. Use the ▲▼ and PAGE ▲▼ buttons on your remote and the Quick Access Menu Press INFO on your remote to see detailed program information.
  • Page 16: Program Information

    Program Information TV Guide Interactive provides Instant Information while you view program listings so you see program details at a glance. Instant information includes program title, start/end time, program rating, a brief program description, and helpful indicators that identify your settings, such as Reminders , Recordings and Favorites...
  • Page 17: Action Icons

    Action Icons From the Program Information screen, you can take a number of actions by using the Action Icons at the bottom of the screen, such as set a Reminder or see upcoming air times for a program. Use the ◄ ► arrow buttons to highlight each icon, while a description appears just above the icons.
  • Page 18: Digital Video Recording (Dvr)

    Digital Video Recording (DVR) Recording your favorite programs and watching whenever you want has never been easier with DVR…powered by TV Guide Interactive watch them at your convenience from your personal video library stored on your digital set-top box. You can even pause, fast-forward, and rewind LIVE TV to playback the scenes you’ve missed.
  • Page 19: Playback Controls - Using The Video Control Buttons

    Playback Controls - Using the Video Control Buttons Playback Controls – Using the Remote Control Arrow Buttons The ▲▼►◄ buttons on your remote control will also control playback when you are watching a recording-in-progress or while watching a recorded program. Rewind Slow Rewind from Pause Page ▼...
  • Page 20: Pause

    Pause As you watch live TV and recorded programs press PAUSE and the video on your TV screen instantly freezes. No more missing the climactic scene of a movie or the winning play of the game! For programs you are watching live, your DVR will remain in pause for up to two hours*.
  • Page 21: Slow Motion

    Slow Motion Your DVR is equipped with slow-forward and slow- rewind functions to give you crisp and clear slow motion images. Ever wonder what the referees are looking at when they review a controversial play? Use slow motion to get an inside look. To activate slow-forward, press PAUSE and then FAST FORWARD slow-rewind, press PAUSE...
  • Page 22: Your Personal Video Library

    Your Personal Video Library Using your DVR with TV Guide Interactive programs. Movies, sports, TV shows…whatever you want. It’s ready for you to watch whenever you want. Follow the steps below to build and manage your personal video library. Building Your Library - Recording Programs You can set and schedule recordings three ways with TV Guide Interactive interactively by program and by manually scheduling your recording.
  • Page 23 Schedule a Recording Step 1: From the Main Schedules* Step 3: Enter the start and end time for the recording, enter the day to record and select to confirm. Step 4: Select the channel you want to record and you’re set to go. To schedule a repeat recording, for example to record multiple episodes of a program, modify the recording options.
  • Page 24: View Your List Of Scheduled Recordings

    Managing Scheduling Conflicts If you try to schedule a recording that overlaps another scheduled recording time, you will see a Scheduling Conflict Message. Use the icons to decide which program to record. -To keep the new recording and remove the old one. - To keep the old recording and cancel the new one.
  • Page 25: Modifying Recording Options

    Modifying Recording Options ® TV Guide Interactive gives you flexibility to manage your personal video library. You can change your recording options at any time, as often as you like. Change Options for Scheduled Recordings From the Main Menu Select My Schedule. Select View Recordings to see a list of your scheduled recordings.
  • Page 26 From Listings Select your scheduled recording in the listings. A red dot on screen indicates a recording is scheduled. Press OK or INFO and select the From here, select to cancel the recording, or select to modify the recording options. Note: A scheduled recording will begin at the indicated start time and channel you select.
  • Page 27: View Programs Stored In Your Personal Video Library

    View Programs Stored In Your Personal Video Library Step 1: From the Main Menu, select My Recordings*. Use the ▲▼ buttons on your remote to search through and highlight titles from your list of recorded programs. Press OK to select the program. Step 2: From the information screen, select resume Play from where you left off or select restart from the beginning.
  • Page 28 Recording Starting Notice Before a scheduled recording begins, a notice will *Menu label may vary. appear on-screen giving you the opportunity to confirm or cancel the scheduled recording. If you don’t do anything when the recording is scheduled to start, the DVR will automatically tune to the channel and begin recording.
  • Page 29: Managing Your Personal Video Library

    Managing Your Personal Video Library A recorded program remains in your personal video library until you decide to delete it. Your DVR will record and store up to 60 hours of standard definition programming and up to 10 hours of High Definition programming these guidelines: To Delete Recordings From the program information screen, select the...
  • Page 30 To help you manage your personal video library, TV Guide Interactive will advise you with an on-screen notice when the available memory gets low or full. If recording space becomes full during a recording, the recording will stop. Make sure you have enough recording space to record the entire program before you begin to avoid missing part of the program.
  • Page 31: Reminders

    Reminders ® With TV Guide Interactive , you can set watch. Reminder Options Reminder options let you customize the frequency and timing for Use the ◄ ► buttons to set repeating Reminders that will appear Once, Once a Day, Once a Week, Mon-Fri, or Sat-Sun. Determine the Start Time for the Reminder to appear on screen, up to...
  • Page 32: Smart Channel Surfing

    Smart Channel Surfing Flip Flip Bar allows you to see program information as you change channels to help you know more about what’s on. Information on the Flip Bar includes program name, start and end time, channel, and current time. Press CHAN▲▼...
  • Page 33: Digital Pay-Per-View

    Digital Pay-Per-View ® TV Guide Interactive makes ordering and watching Pay Per View (PPV) programs easy. Ordering Pay-Per-View From the Main Menu, select any of the PPV options and see a list of all the programs currently available to order. When you find a program of interest, highlight the title and press OK for an information screen.
  • Page 34: Ordering Pay Per View By Phone

    Ordering Pay Per View By Phone If your cable provider offers phone ordering, the order information appears on screen. Simply call the number to place your order. Then select Continue to complete your order. Ordering Pay Per View Packages Your cable service may offer programs in a package.
  • Page 35: Pay-Per-View Notices

    Pay-Per-View Notices Pay-Per-View Program Started A Program Started screen will appear if you try to order a PPV program that has already started but is within the purchase window. You may still order this program. Note: Purchase window is established by your cable provider. Pay-Per-View Order Conflict When you order a PPV program that airs at the same time as an existing Pay-Per-View order, you...
  • Page 36: Video On Demand

    Video On Demand Watch movies and other programs whenever you want with Video On Demand.* When you rent a Video On Demand program or package, it is reserved for a specific period of time, and you can access and watch the program at your convenience, as many times as you want within the rental period.
  • Page 37 To buy the program, highlight the then follow the on-screen prompts to complete your order. If the program is available at no cost*, a icon will appear instead of begin playing immediately and you can watch as often as you want during the rental period. Guide Symbols to Know –...
  • Page 38: Watching Video On Demand Programs

    Watching Video On Demand Programs Use your remote to pause, fast-forward, rewind and stop the program. Rewind You may also be able to use the VCR control buttons available on some digital cable remote controls. Remote control features vary. If you have stopped a program and want to come back to it later, select My Rentals* from the Video On Demand Menu.
  • Page 39: Video On Demand Packages

    Video On Demand Packages Some programs may be available as part of a package. If a program is available in a package, or available with a subscription service, a notice will appear on your screen. You can select continue with the purchase, to cancel or learn more about the package.
  • Page 40: Premium Services

    Premium Services To see all the premium channels* offered by your cable company, select Premium from the Main Menu. Press INFO or OK on your remote to see an information screen for a description of the channel, ordering information and other options. Guide Symbols to Know: Premium Channel Information Screens - Go back to the previous screen - See information on ordering this premium service channel...
  • Page 41: Digital Music

    Digital Music Digital Music is continuous, commercial-free music in a variety of formats. To access Digital Music: Select Digital Music from the Press the Icon on the Press the MUSIC button on the remote if available. You can press INFO for more information on each category. Then select a music format and enjoy the music.
  • Page 42: Weather

    Weather Get accurate and up-to-date local weather conditions and a 3-day forecast with ® TV Guide Interactive Highlight Weather from the and press OK. Use the ▼ button to see a detailed local weather forecast. Note: Weather not available for all locations. Messages Messages may be sent occasionally by your cable company to announce new services, special promotions or other information.
  • Page 43: Parental Controls And Purchase Pins

    Parental Controls and Purchase PINS Parental Control allows you to restrict viewing and purchases of objectionable TV programming. Set a personalized 4-digit PIN and you can place locks on selected ratings, channels and titles. You can hide adult titles from being displayed on screen. PINS Setup et up and change your Parental Control PIN and Purchase PIN in PIN setup.
  • Page 44: View Locked Programs

    View Locked Programs To view programs and channels that you have locked, tune to the program or select it from the listings. Follow the on-screen prompt to enter your PIN and unlock the channel or program. Bypass or Clear Locks Temporarily open or clear all locks for easier viewing.
  • Page 45: Favorites

    Favorites Favorites feature allows you to quickly access the channels you have designated as your favorites to see what’s on. To add channels to your favorites listings Select Setup from the Select Favorites Highlight a channel and press OK - a ♥ will appear next to the listing, designating it as a favorite To remove a channel from your favorites, highlight it and press OK - the ♥...
  • Page 46: Setup

    Setup You can activate and customize certain TV Guide Interactive features such as the Flip Bar, Lock options, Cable Box settings, Audio settings and Languages from the Setup Menu. Guide Setup Use your remote to select Setup from the the following setup options: Flip Bar Position –...
  • Page 47: Cable Box Setup

    Cable Box Setup Time Display – o Off - displays the currently tuned channel on the front of the terminal o On - displays the current time on the terminal AC Outlet – o Switched - determines that power is available only when the terminal is on o Unswitched - means that power is always available to the outlet on the back of the terminal See Configuration –...
  • Page 48: Screen Position Setup

    Screen Position Setup To alter your screen position From the Setup Menu, select Screen Position to display the Screen Position Adjust screen Use the ▲▼◄ ► buttons on your remote until the display arrows are centered on the screen Text Language Setup Select English, Canadian English, Canadian French or Spanish to change the on-screen commands, selection...
  • Page 49: Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions DVR and Digital Services Q. I have a home theater system. Can I record a program in Dolby Digital 5.1? A. As long as the program is being broadcast in Digital Audio, the DVR will record the digital audio portion.
  • Page 50 Q. What if the program I want to record runs over its scheduled airtime such as when a football game goes into overtime. How can I make sure I record everything? A. Change the record options for the program. Just adjust the start and end times for the recording to make sure everything gets recorded.
  • Page 51 Q. Can I increase the Rewind and Fast Forward speed? A. Yes! Your DVR will control rewind and fast-forward at four speeds. Just press the REW or FF buttons up to four times. The on-screen indicator will tell you at what speed you are controlling playback.
  • Page 52: Managing Your Recordings

    Managing Your Recordings Q. How many hours of programming can I store on my DVR? A. Recording capacity depends on the video format. Your DVR can record up to 25 hours of analog or over 30 hours of digital programming, or up to 12 hours of High Definition programming.
  • Page 53: Controlling Live Tv

    Controlling Live TV Q. How long can I pause live TV? A. You can pause up to two hours of standard TV programming; less with HD programming. Q. How far back can I rewind live TV? A. You can rewind up to two hours of standard TV programming or as long as you were tuned to the same channel.
  • Page 54: Video On Demand

    Video On Demand Q. Do my Parental Control & Purchase PIN settings stay the same for Video On Demand purchases as with regular programs? A. Yes. PINs and settings apply to Video On Demand ratings and purchases. Q. What if I only watched 15 minutes of my Video On Demand program and didn’t get to watch the rest before it expired? A.
  • Page 55: Interactive Program Guide

    Q. I tried to order a Video On Demand program and received an error screen that said, “Unable to Process Request.” What does this mean? A. The “Unable to Process Request” message occurs when the set-top box is unable to communicate with the Video On Demand equipment at your cable company.
  • Page 56 Q. What are the “pictures” on the left side of the screens? A. TV Guide Interactive has “clickable” promotional content that gives you ideas on what to watch and more. You can access the panels on the left side of the screens using the ▲▼◄ buttons on the remote.
  • Page 57: Troubleshooting

    Q. How do I set my digital audio language? A. Not only can you choose the language that displays in the on-screen commands and help text, but you can also change the secondary digital audio that is available with certain networks and programs.
  • Page 58 Q. If the power goes out, do I need to reset my Parental Control and Purchase PINs, Favorite Channels, Locks and Reminders? A. No. These items cannot be lost if the terminal loses its power. Q. Nothing happens when the MENU button is pushed, but I can change the channel up and down.
  • Page 59 Q. There are no listings in TV Guide Interactive, or the words “To Be Announced” appear in the listings screens. A. This situation can happen if there has been a power failure or if the terminal was unplugged. Make sure everything is plugged in again and running. Wait 15 to 30 minutes as the channels and program data start to fill in.

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