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HYOSUNG GD250 Owner's Manual

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This owner's manual contains important safety information.
Please read it carefully.


Table of Contents

  Summary of Contents for HYOSUNG GD250

  • Page 1 WARNING This owner’s manual contains important safety information. Please read it carefully.
  • Page 2 This manual should be considered a permanent part of the motorcycle and should remain with the motorcycle when resold or otherwise transferred to a new owner or operator. The manual contains important safety information and instructions which should be read carefully before operating the motorcycle.
  • Page 3: Battery Initial Charging

    Always start or ride the motorcycle with the correct battery installed and connected. CAUTION Use only the genuine Hyosung battery on the 『 』. If use a non genuine battery, as poor performance for low temperature of the battery, the engine could not start because the ECU is not running by lower battery moment voltage than 7V when pushing the starter switch.
  • Page 4 FOREWORD THANK YOU for choosing a Hyosung All information, illustrations photographs m o t o r c y c l e . We a t H y o s u n g h a v e and specifications contained in this manual...
  • Page 5 Information following these signal words performance from your new motorcycle. should be carefully reviewed. Hyosung parts are manufactured of high quality materials, and manufactured parts WARNING are finished to close tolerances. Proper break-in operation allows the machined...
  • Page 6 WARNING Noise Control System (muffler assembly) TAMPERING WITH NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM PROHIBITED Owners are warned that the law may prohibit : (a) Th e removal or rendering inoperative by any person other than for the purpose of maintenance, repair or replacement, of any device or element of design incorporated into any new vehicle for the purpose of noise control prior to its any sale or delivery to the ultimate purchaser or while it is in use ;...
  • Page 7: Safe Riding

    Your authorized requirements. Review all instructions, HYOSUNG dealer is trained and requirements and warnings. equipped to perform this service.
  • Page 8 WARNING WARNING The 『 』 is equipped with the Keep both hands on the handgrips at all side stand ignition interlock system. times when riding. Removing your If the transmission is in neutral or the hands from the handgrips reduces your side stand up, you can only start the ability to control the motorcycle and engine by squeezing the clutch lever.
  • Page 9 ⊙ RIDING APPAREL WARNING WARNING Do not turn the ignition switch to its “OFF” or “LOCK” position or the Loose clothing can be uncomfortable engine stop switch to its “ ” position and unsafe when riding a motorcycle. while riding the motorcycle. Use good quality motorcycle riding apparel when riding your motorcycle.
  • Page 10 ⊙ FAMILIARIZE YOURSELF WITH ⊙ BE EXTRA SAFETY CONSCIOUS THE MOTORCYCLE ON BAD WEATHER DAYS WARNING WARNING Riding on bad weather days, especially Your riding skill and mechanical wet ones, requires extra caution. knowledge from the foundation for safe Braking distances double on a rainy riding practices.
  • Page 11: Precaution Safety Tips

    The addition of unsuitable accessories can lead to unsafe operating conditions. It 2. In spect for proper ground clearance is not possible for Hyosung to test each and bank angle. An improperly accessory on the market or combinations mounted load could critically reduce of all the available accessories, however, t h e s e t w o s a f e t y f a c t o r s .
  • Page 12 5. Certain accessories displace the rider from his or her normal riding position. This limits the freedom of movement of MODIFICATION the rider and may limit his or her control ability. Modification of the motorcycle, or removal of original equipment may render the vehicle 6.
  • Page 13: Table Of Contents

  • Page 15: Serial Number Location

    The frame number is also known as the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number. ❶ GD250-000010 ❷ The frame serial number ① is stamped on the right side of the steering head tube.
  • Page 16: Fuel, Engine Oil And Engine Coolant Recommendation

    FUEL, ENGINE OIL AND ENGINE OIL ENGINE COOLANT Oil quality is a major contributor to your RECOMMENDATION engine’s performance and life. Always select good quality engine oil. ⊙ ENGINE OIL SPECIFICATION F U E L Classification Grade Remarks Use unleaded gasoline with an octane system rating of 91 or higher.
  • Page 17: Engine Coolant Solution

    WARNING ENGINE COOLANT SOLUTION ●· Don’t mix the unrecommended oil. Use an engine coolant that is compatible It could damage the engine. with aluminum radiator, mixed with distilled ● When refilling the oil, don’t allow the water only at a 50 : 50 mixture ratio for dust to get inside.
  • Page 18 ⊙ COOLANT RESERVOIR TANK ⊙ ENGINE COOLANT ☞ Refer to 45 page. The engine coolant performs as rust inhibitor and water pump lubricant as well as anti-freeze. Therefore the engine coolant should be used at all times even though the atmospheric temperature in your area does not go down to freezing point.
  • Page 19: Names Of Each Parts

    NAMES OF EACH PARTS ② ② ③ ④ ⑥ ⑤ ① ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ ① Clutch lever ⑥ Right handle switches ② ·Rear-view mirror ⑦ Front brake lever ③ Left handle switches ⑧ Throttle grip Instrument panel Ignition switch ④...
  • Page 20 ⑭ ⑰ ⑱ ⑲ ⑮ ⑯ ⑬ ⑳ ⑫  ⑪         ⑪ Spark plug  ·License plate lamp ⑫ Head lamp & Position lamp  ·Passenger footrests ⑬ Front turn signal lamp ...
  • Page 21  Cooling fan and motor Lift bar  Water pump Trunk Engine oil filter Fuse box Engine oil level lens Battery Engine oil filler plug Front brake fluid reservoir Muffler Front brake lamp switch Rear brake pedal Radiator cover Rear brake lamp switch Radiator Rear brake fluid reservoir Coolant reserve tank...
  • Page 22: Controls

    CONTROLS IGNITION SWITCH ⊙ “LOCK” POSITION STEERING LOCK STEERING LOCK The ignition switch has three positions : In this position, the ignition circuit is interrupted and the steering locked. ⊙ “ON” POSITION The key can be removed. In this position, the ignition circuit is closed and the engine can be started.
  • Page 23: Ignition Key

    To lock the steering : IGNITION KEY ⓐ·· T urn the handlebars all the way to the left. This motorcycle come equipped with two ⓑ·· T urn the ignition key to the “OFF” ignition keys. position. Keep the spare key in a safe place. ⓒ··...
  • Page 24: Instrument Panel

    INSTRUMENT PANEL ❶ ❽ ❾ ❿ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺ ❻ ❼ CAUTION WARNING Operating the display while riding can To adjust brightness of the instrument be hazardous. Removing a hand from panel display, push the switch ⑭ (in the handlebars can reduce your ability the Normal mode) for 0.6 ~ 1 seconds to control the motorcycle.
  • Page 25 “ON” position with the engine stopped or fail to go out after the engine start, contact an authorized Hyosung dealer. CAUTION Riding the motorcycle with the “FI” check lamp lit after starting the engine c a n d a m a g e t h e e n g i n e a n d transmission.
  • Page 26 ④ C OOLANT TEMPERATURE ⑤ NEUTRAL INDICATOR LAMP The green neutral indicator lamp will WARNING LAMP come on when the transmission is in The red coolant temperature warning neutral. lamp will come on when the coolant gets The lamp will go out when you shift into too hot while operating.
  • Page 27 ⑧ O DOMETER / TRIP METER / CLOCK The display in it has four functions, the Odometer odometer, two trip meters and clock. The display changes the odometer, trip meter or clock, as indicated before turning the ignition switch off. Trip meter A Trip meter B The odometer registers the total distance...
  • Page 28 4. Adjust the minutes display by pushing the switch ⑭·(in the Minutes reset mode) for 0.6 ~ 1 seconds. 5. Push the switch ⑬·(in the Minutes reset mode) for 2 seconds to resume as the Clock display of the Normal mode. The clock indicates 12-hour mode.
  • Page 29 ⑨·FUEL METER ⑩ C OOLANT TEMPERATURE METER Ⓐ Ⓑ The 『 』’s fuel meter is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) type, it indicates The·『 』’s coolant temperature the remaining fuel amount in the fuel tank. meter is LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) type, The fuel meter displays all 6 segments it indicates the coolant temperature.
  • Page 30 ⑪ SPEEDOMETER N O T E ● High engine speed, low vehicle s p e e d s , o r h e a v y l o a d c a n i n c r e a s e e n g i n e c o o l a n t temperature.
  • Page 31 ⑭ RESET SWITCH ⑫ GEAR POSITION INDICATOR This indicator is displayed gear position as Use this switch to adjust the following : N, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. If revving the engine into the black zone of ■ in the Normal mode the tachometer, the displayed gear position is blinked.
  • Page 32: Left Handle Switches

    ③ DIMMER SWITCH LEFT HANDLE SWITCHES Change the direction of the head lamp light. ❷ ❸ ■ “ ” : The head lamp high beam ❶ comes on. The high beam indicator lamp also comes on. ■ “ ” : The head lamp low beam comes on.
  • Page 33: Right Handle Switches

    WARNING RIGHT HANDLE SWITCHES Apply the brake lightly and with great ❶ care on slippery surfaces to avoid ❷ skidding. ③ THROTTLE GRIP Engine speed is controlled by position of the throttle grip. Turn it toward you to ❸ ❺ ❹ increase engine speed.
  • Page 34 CAUTION STARTER SWITCH ⑤ Use this switch to operate the starting motor. ● R e l e a s e t h e s t a r t e r s w i t c h With the ignition switch in the “ON” immediately after the motorcycle position, the engine stop switch in the “...
  • Page 35: Front Brake Lever Adjustment

    FRONT BRAKE LEVER REAR BRAKE PEDAL ADJUSTMENT Depressing the rear brake pedal will apply the rear brake. The brake lamp will be illuminated when Ⓐ the rear brake is operated. The distance between the throttle grip and the front brake lever is adjustable among six positions.
  • Page 36: Gearshift Lever

    When shifting from first to 2nd gear or 2 n d g e a r t o l o w, n e u t r a l w i l l b e automatically skipped. GD250-000010 Reduce the motorcycle speed before down-shifting.
  • Page 37: Footrests

    ❹ FOOTRESTS ⊙ FOOTREST POSITION ADJUST- MENT ❺ The 『 』· has 2 type of the footrest position, right and left. To change the position, remove the M10 footrest mounting bolts ①, ②· and spacer ③, and install the bolts ④, ⑤ by using the hexagon spanner 8 mm.
  • Page 38: Side Stand

    SIDE STAND When the footrests in position Ⓑ, exchange the gearshift link rod for appropriate riding position. ■ Position Ⓐ GD250-000010 : Install the gearshift link rod ⑥ ■ Position Ⓑ : Install the gearshift link rod ⑦ 50-000010 The 『...
  • Page 39: Seat Lock

    WARNING SEAT LOCK Make sure that the side stand ignition interlock system is working properly before riding. To remove the front seat, remove the two front seat mounting bolts located the front side of the front seat, right and left. To reinstall the front seat, slide the seat hook into the seat hook retainer and install the two front seat mounting bolts, right and...
  • Page 40: Trunk

    TRUNK REAR SHOCK ABSORBER ❶ A small and light article such as maintenance manual, Owner’s manual or tool kit can be placed under the rear seat. ❷ To adjust the spring pre-load : 1. Loosen the lock nut ① counter- clockwise using the clamp wrench.
  • Page 41: Supply Of Gasoline, Engine Oil And Engine Coolant

    WARNING SUPPLY OF GASOLINE, ENGINE OIL AND Gasoline is extremely flammable and toxic. ENGINE COOLANT A l w a y s o b s e r v e t h e f o l l o w i n g precautions when refueling your 「...
  • Page 42 ENGINE OIL Long engine life depends much on the selection of quality oil and the periodic changing of the oil. Daily oil level checks and periodic changes are two of the most important maintenances to be performed. N O T E Engine oil expands and oil level ⊙...
  • Page 43 Change the engine oil and filter, after first CAUTION running 1,000 km and every running 4,000 Never operate the motorcycle if the The engine oil should always be changed engine oil level is below the “Lower line when the engine is hot so that the engine mark (L)”...
  • Page 44 Wait until the drain plug is cool enough to touch with bare hands before draining oil. ● Do not touch the hot muffler, or the GD250-000010 ❷ hot muffler can burn you. CAUTION Remove, inspect and clean the oil...
  • Page 45 CAUTION GD250-0000 When replacing the engine oil filter, it is highly recommended that you use a genuine HYOSUNG oil filter designed for your motorcycle, as other filters may Ⓑ have different design and thread specifications which could cause engine damage or oil leaks.
  • Page 46 Wait for the engine to cool down before engine oil filter / drain plug has been checking or topping up coolant level. properly installed, have the motorcycle inspected by your Hyosung dealer or qualified mechanic. N O T E Position the motorcycle on firm and flat...
  • Page 47 If coolant level drops too quickly or the reservoir tank is empty, check the cooling circuit for leaks. Have the repair carried out at an authorized Hyosung dealer. ❷ WARNING Engine coolant is harmful or fatal if 2. Remove the coolant reservoir tank filler swallowed or inhaled.
  • Page 48: Riding Tips

    WARNING RIDING TIPS The 『 』 is equipped with the side stand ignition interlock system. STARTING THE ENGINE If the transmission is in neutral or the side stand up, you can only start the Before attempting to engine by squeezing in the clutch lever. start the engine make This side stand ignition interlock sure :...
  • Page 49 Whenever the “FI” check lamp is lit restart. while riding the motorcycle, have your This allows the ISC (Idling Speed authorized Hyosung dealer or a Control) solenoid to be initialized. qualified mechanic inspect the electric fuel injection system as soon as possible.
  • Page 50: Starting Off

    ❶ STARTING OFF WARNING WARNING ● Riding these motorcycles at excessive speed increases your chances of losing control of the Sudden side winds, which can occur motorcycle. This may result in an when being passed by large vehicles, at accident. Always ride within the tunnel exits or in hilly areas, can upset l i m i t s o f y o u r s k i l l s , y o u r your control.
  • Page 51: Using The Transmission

    Squeeze the clutch lever and pause USING THE TRANSMISSION momentarily. Engage first gear by depressing the gearshift lever downward. The transmission is provided to keep the Turn the throttle grip toward you and at the same time release the clutch lever engine operating smoothly in its normal operating speed range.
  • Page 52: Riding On Hills

    RIDING ON HILLS STOPPING AND PARKING W h e n c l i m b i n g s t e e p h i l l s , t h e 1. Turn the throttle grip away from you to motorcycle may begin to slow down and close the throttle completely.
  • Page 53: Break-In

    This section explains how important speeds increase, stopping distance proper break-in is to achieve maximum life increases progressively. and performance from your new Hyosung. The following guidelines explain proper Be sure you have a safe stopping break-in procedures. distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Page 54 ★ VARY THE ENGINE SPEED ★ A LLOW THE ENGINE OIL TO CIRCULATE BEFORE The engine speed should be varied and not held at a constant speed. RIDING This allows the parts to be “loaded” with Allow sufficient idling time after warm or pressure and then unloaded, allowing the parts to cool.
  • Page 55 ★ O BSERVE YOUR FIRST, CAUTION AND MOST IMPORTANT The 1,000 km (600 miles) service 1,000 km SERVICE should be performed as outlined in the INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE The 1,000 km (600 miles) service is the section of this Owner’s Manual. most important service your motorcycle Pay particular attention to the will receive.
  • Page 56: Inspection Before Riding

    WARNING INSPECTION BEFORE RIDING Operating this motorcycle with improper modifications can be hazardous. WARNING Improper installation of accessories or modification of this motorcycle may Failure to inspect the motorcycle before cause changes in handling. In some operating it can be hazardous. situations, this could lead to an Failure to perform proper maintenance accident.
  • Page 57 WHAT TO WARNING CHECK FOR : CHECK Gerashift No damage lever Checking maintenance items when the ● lever Smooth operation ● engine is running can be hazardous. Correct tension or slack ● Adequate lubrication You could be severely injured if your ●...
  • Page 58: Periodic Maintenance

    Always follow the inspection and or a qualified mechanic. maintenance recommendations and schedules in this owner’s manual. Ask your Hyosung dealer or a qualified mechanic to do the maintenance items marked with a pentagram (★). You may perform the unmarked...
  • Page 59: Lubrication Points

    ★ LUBRICATION POINTS Proper lubrication is important for smooth and long life of each working part of your motorcycle and also for safe riding. It is a good practice to lubricate the motorcycle after a long rough ride or after it gets wet in the rain or after washing it.
  • Page 60 ❼ ❷ ❽ ❸ ❾ ①· Clutch lever holder & Clutch cable Footrests pivot ②· Passenger footrests pivot ③· ④· Drive chain ⑤· Side stand pivot and spring hook ⑥· Speedo sensor ⑦· Front brake lever holder Throttle cable ⑧· Rear brake pedal pivot ⑨·...
  • Page 61 ★ Front forks ★ Inspect Inspect Rear shock absorber ★ Chassis nuts and bolts Tighten Tighten ★ Lubricate Lubricate General lubrication N O T E “★” : Ask your Hyosung dealer or qualified mechanic to do the maintenance items marked.
  • Page 62: Inspection And Maintenance

    INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE NAME TOOL Tool bag To assist you in the performance of 10 × 12 mm open end spanner periodic maintenance, a tool kit is supplied. 14 × 17 mm open end spanner The tool kit is located under the rear seat. Spark plug wrench Combination screw driver The tool kit consists of the following items.
  • Page 63: Engine Coolant

    RUBBER CAP OF CABLES ENGINE COOLANT Check if there is leakage from the radiator, Wipe them up with a cloth or towel when coolant hose. washing. Rubber cap Always check the status of the cable's rubber cap assembly and must be assembled in the correct position.
  • Page 64: Front And Rear Suspensions

    ● Inspect whether the steering stem is well assembled while moving front fork up/downwards and/or foreward/ backward. CAUTION In the event of malfunction or if the suspension needs expert servicing, contact an authorised Hyosung dealer.
  • Page 65: Battery

    ⊙ CHECK AND CLEAN OF BATTERY BATTERY TERMINAL Clean the battery terminal when it is dusty ⊙ I NSPECTION OF BATTERY or rusted. SOLUTION LEVEL 1. Set the ignition switch “OFF” position. 2. Remove the front seat. The battery is located under the front 3.
  • Page 66: Air Cleaner

    CAUTION AIR CLEANER ● Keep the battery away from fires. The air cleaner is located under the front ● When disconnecting the battery center cover. wire, be sure to remove the negative ⊖ battery wire first with the ignition If the air cleaner element has become switch “OFF”...
  • Page 67 To remove the air cleaner element : 4. Clean the air cleaner element for the following : 1. Remove the front center cover ①. 1) When the air cleaner element clean with the air gun, necessarily blow at the inside by compressed air. 2) Carefully examine the air cleaner element for tears during cleaning.
  • Page 68: Spark Plug

    CAUTION SPARK PLUG More frequent servicing may be Check the spark plug every time a performed on the motorcycle that are scheduled maintenance service is used under severe conditions, also performed. clean the air cleaner element when replacing the oil to prevent damage of the engine.
  • Page 69 getting into the engine. Change the CAUTION spark plug if it shows cracks on the insulating material, corroded electrodes The spark plug must be tightened or excessive deposits. firmly, otherwise the engine may overheat and severe damage may occur. Use recommended spark plug only. A spark plug of the wrong rating may shorten engine life and cause loss of performance.
  • Page 70: Idling Adjustment

    IDLING ADJUSTMENT This engine features EFI (electronic fuel injection). The idle speed is not adjustable. ❶ CAUTION ❷ (0.02 ~ 0.04 in) Do not attempt to make any adjustment to the idle speed as it may permanently damage the EFI system. ●...
  • Page 71: Clutch Cable Adjustment

    ⊙ CLUTCH CABLE PLAY CLUTCH CABLE ADJUSTMENT ADJUSTMENT ● A basis adjustment be allowed by the clutch lever adjuster ③. At each maintenance interval, adjust the ● Uncover the rubber boot ④. clutch cable play by means of clutch cable ●...
  • Page 72: Drive Chain

    Check the chain every 1,000 km. WARNING If you find any of these problems with your Riding with the chain in poor condition sprocket, consult your Hyosung dealer. or improperly adjusted can lead to an accident. CAUTION Inspect, adjust, and maintain the chain...
  • Page 73 CAUTION The drive chain should be inspected every time before riding. 20 ~ 30 mm (0.79 ~ 1.18 in) Excessive chain slack could cause the chain to come off the sprockets and result in accident or serious engine damage. 1. Place the motorcycle on the jack or WARNING block.
  • Page 74: Brakes

    2. After thoroughly washing the chain and Hyosung dealer. allowing it to dry, oil the links with a Hyosung chain lube or an equivalent. WARNING Failure to properly inspect and maintain your motorcycle brake systems can be hazardous.
  • Page 75: Brake Fluid

    If the brake pad’s wear condition is extreme conditions can cause good, replenish with the proper brake fluid accelerated brake wear. This could lead that meets Hyosung’s requirements. to an accident. If you operate your motorcycle under these conditions, the brakes must be...
  • Page 76: Brake Pads

    WARNING authorized Hyosung dealer or qualified service mechanic. B r a k e f l u i d m a y b e h a r m f u l i f...
  • Page 77 Riding with worn brake pads will reduce braking performance and will increase your chance of having accident. Inspect brake pad wear before each use. Ask your Hyosung dealer or qualified mechanic to replace brake pads if any pad is worn to the limit.
  • Page 78 ⊙ BRAKE DISK INSPECTION ⊙ REAR BRAKE FLUID SUPPLY Check the brake disk for damage or cracks. 1. Place the motorcycle on a level surface and keep the handlebars straight. 2. Clean the rear brake fluid reservior around not to allow dust to get inside of it. 3.
  • Page 79: Tire

    TIRE NORMAL RIDING TIRE PRESSURE (COLD INFLATION) SOLO RIDING DUAL RIDING 2.00 kgf/ ㎠ 2.00 kgf/ ㎠ Inspect the tire pressure and the tire FRONT 200 kPa 200 kPa thread depth periodically. 29.0 psi 29.0 psi Inspect frequently the tire pressure for the safety and the tire life.
  • Page 80 150/60 - R17 66S for rear. The use of a tire other than standard ABNORMAL may cause trouble. WEARS It is highly recommended to use the standard tire supplied by Hyosung. ⊙ REAR AXLE NUT Inspect the rear axle shaft and jointing nut for loosening.
  • Page 81 ■ REAR TIRE REPLACEMENT ⊙ TIRE REPLACEMENT 1. Place the motorcycle on the jack or block ■ FRONT TIRE REPLACEMENT vertically. 1. Place the motorcycle on the jack or block vertically. CAUTION CAUTION Improper jacking may cause damage to Improper jacking may cause damage to the frame or engine.
  • Page 82: Bulbs

    ⊙ INSPECTION OF LAMPS BULBS ● Check if the position lamp, meter lamp, tail lamp and license plate lamp work WARNING well when the ignition switch was turned to the “ON” position. Keep fuel and other flammable Check if the head lamp work well when substances away from electric starting the engine.
  • Page 83 ⊙ H EAD LAMP’S BULB CAUTION REPLACEMENT The position lamp, meter lamp, tail 1. Remove the two bolts ①· (right and left) lamp and license plate lamp on this and the head lamp assembly. motorcycle always comes on when the ignition switch is turned to the “ON”...
  • Page 84 ⊙ BRAKE / TAIL LAMP’S BULB ⊙ TURN SIGNAL LAMP’S BULB REPLACEMENT REPLACEMENT 1. Remove the lens by removing the screw. 2. While pushing the bulb, turn it to the counter-clockwise and pull it out. The· 『 』’s brake / tail lamp are LED (Light Emitting Diode) type.
  • Page 85 Always replace a blown fuse with a fuse of the same type and rating. If the new fuse blows in a short time, consult your Hyosung dealer or a qualified mechanic immediately.
  • Page 86: Troubleshooting

    Such damage may not be covered under warranty. If you are not sure about the proper action, consult your Hyosung dealer about the problem. 2. Put the engine stop switch in the “ ”...
  • Page 87 CAUTION can be hazardous. When occur any trouble, the best way You could get a high voltage electrical is to consult your Hyosung dealer for shock or an explosion if you are not repairs. familiar with this procedure. Do not perform this check if you are not familiar with the procedure.
  • Page 88: Transport

    ● Place the motorcycle on firm and level TRANSPORT ground. ● Stop the engine and wait until it has cooled down. WARNING ● Prepare a container large enough to hold the fuel in the tank and place it on Before transporting the motorcycle, it is t h e f l o o r o n t h e l e f t s i d e o f t h e necessary to empty the fuel tank motorcycle.
  • Page 89: Cleaning Procedure

    ★ W ASHING YOUR CLEANING PROCEDURE MOTORCYCLE A thorough cleaning of your motorcycle is With some care, your motorcycle can be a necessary part of maintenance and will washed in a similar manner to washing an help keep your motorcycle looking and automobile.
  • Page 90 ★ W AXING THE ★ I NSPECTION AFTER MOTORCYCLE CLEANING After washing the motorcycle, waxing and Remove the rags or wrapping from the polishing are recommended to further exhaust pipe. For extended life of your protect and beautify the paint. motorcycle, lubricate according to ●...
  • Page 91: Storage Procedure

    ·· C oat the painted surfaces with car wax. and skill. For this reason, Hyosung recommends that you trust this maintenance ★ MAINTENANCE DURING work to your dealer. If you wish to service the...
  • Page 92: Label

    L A B E L ❷ ❹ ❶ ❸ NOTE : “ ” ·= means the invisable parts.
  • Page 93 ❶ ❷...
  • Page 94 ❸ ❹...
  • Page 95: Specifications

    SPECIFICATIONS ★ DIMENSIONS AND DRY MASS Overall length 1,955 mm ( 77.0 in ) Overall width 793 mm ( 31.2 in ) Overall height 1,047 mm ( 41.2 in ) 1,358 mm ( 53.5 in ) Wheelbase 135 mm ( 5.3 in ) Ground clearance 153 kg ( 337 lbs ) Mass...
  • Page 96 ★ CHASSIS Front suspension Telescopic type Rear suspension Swing arm type Caster 23.5  93.6 mm ( 3.69 in ) Trail 28· ( right & left ) Steering angle Front tire size 110/70 - R17 54S Rear tire size 150/60 - R17 66S Front brake Disk Rear brake...
  • Page 97 Prepared by 1st Ed. OCT. 2013. Printed in KOREA...
  • Page 98 Part No. 99011HC8110 1st Ed. OCT. 2013. Printed in KOREA...