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Frost forms on
the walls of the
The water
dispenser is not
The auto close
system does not
work with the
freezer door.
Condensation or
water drops forms
on vertical mullion
and surroundings,
DA68-03029B (EN)-04.indd 47
• Is the air vent blocked?
Remove any obstructions so air can circulate freely.
• Allow sufficient space between the stored foods for efficient air circulation.
• Is the freezer drawer closed properly?
If the freezer drawer is not completely closed or is blocked, humidity from outside
may enter and cause severe frost to form.
• Is the water line connected and the shut-off valve opened?
• Has the water supply line tubing been crushed or kinked?
• Make sure the tubing is free and clear of any obstruction.
• Is the water tank frozen because the fridge temperature is too low?
Try selecting a warmer setting on the Digital display.
• Is the Child Lock on?
• Check if the filter is properly installed.
If it is not properly installed, the water dispenser may not work.
• Is there an imbalance between the right and left parts of the door?
• Open and close the door smoothly 1~2 times.
After you do this, the auto close system usually works properly again.
• Try opening the door smoothly to avoid unbalancing the right and the left part of the
• Condensation or water drops may form if the humidity is too high while the
refrigerator is operating.
• If condensation or water drops appears on vertical mullion and surroundings, etc.,
turn the Energy Saver mode off after removing the condensation.
(See the explanation of the Energy Saver button in "Using the Control Panel" on page
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2015. 5. 8.


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