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Going on vacation...
If you are going on a long vacation or business trip
and won't use the water or ice dispensers for a
long time:
• Close the water valve. Otherwise, water
leakage may occur.
• Remove all food and ice in the ice bucket.
• Unplug the refrigerator.
• Wipe excess moisture from inside and leave the
doors open.
Otherwise, odor and mold may develop.
Ice Maker Do's and Don'ts
• Do not put your fingers, hands or any other
unsuitable objects in the chute or ice-maker
- It may result in personal injury or material
• Never put your finger or any other objects in the
dispenser opening.
- It may cause injury.
• Do not try to disassemble the ice maker.
• Do not wash or spray the ice bucket with water
while it is in the refrigerator.
Remove it to clean it.
When you insert the Ice maker tray, be
sure that the tray is well centered at the
Otherwise, the tray may get stuck.
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Water clouding phenomenon
All water provided to the refrigerator flows
through the core filter which is an alkaline
water filter.
In the filtering process, the pressure of
the water that has flowed out of the filter
is increased, and the water becomes
saturated with oxygen and nitrogen.
When this water flows out into the air, the
pressure plummets and the oxygen and
nitrogen get supersaturated, which results
in gas bubbles.
The water may temporarily look misty or
cloudy due to these oxygen bubbles.
After a few seconds, the water will look
Please wait 1 second before removing
the cup after dispensing water to prevent
Do not pull out the lever dispenser after
dispensing ice or water.
It comes back automatically.
Ice is made in cubes.
When you select "Crushed", the ice maker
grinds the ice cubes into crushed ice.
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