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• The appliance might
not operate consistently
(possibility of temperature
becoming too warm in the
refrigerator) when sited
for an extended period of
time below the cold end of
the range of temperature
for which the refrigerating
appliance is designed.
• Do not store food which
spoils easily at low
temperature, such as
bananas, melons.
• Your appliance is frost free,
which means there is no
need to manually defrost
your appliance, as this will be
carried out automatically.
• Temperature rise during
defrosting can comply with
ISO requirements.
But if you want to prevent an
undue rise in the temperature
of the frozen food while
defrosting the appliance,
please wrap the frozen
food up in several layers of
• Any increase in temperature
of frozen food during
defrosting can shorten its
storage life.
• Contains fluorinated
DA68-03029B (EN)-04.indd 15
greenhouse gases covered
by the Kyoto Protocol.
• Foam blown with fluorinated
greenhouse gases.
• Foam blown additive:
Perfluorohexane Global
Warming Potential (GWP)
= 9000
Saving Energy Tips
- Install the appliance in a
cool, dry room with adequate
Ensure that it is not exposed
to direct sunlight and never
put it near a direct source of
heat (radiator, for example).
- Not to block any vents and
grilles is recommended for
energy efficiency.
- Allow warm food to cool
down before placing it in the
- Put frozen food in the
refrigerator to thaw.
You can then use the low
temperatures of the frozen
products to cool food in the
- Do not keep the door of
the appliance open for too
long when putting food in or
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2015. 5. 8.


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