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To save electricity, the Panel Display turns off
automatically under the following conditions: When
no button has been pressed, when no doors
are open, or when no Dispenser Lever has been
However, the icon indicating your water or cubed
or crushed ice selection, will stay on.
When you press a button, open a door, or push
a Dispenser Lever, the Panel Display will turn on
Except for the Energy Saver and Water and Cubed
/Crushed Ice buttons, all function buttons will
become operational after you remove your finger
from the button you are currently pressing.
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Water filter usage
This icon lights up when you need
to change the filter, usually after the
refrigerator has dispensed about 300
gallons of water (after about 6 months).
The icon will blink red for several seconds
when you open or close the door.
After you install the new water filter, reset
the filter indicator by touching and holding
the Hold 3 sec for Filter Reset button for
3 seconds.
- If water is not dispensing or dispensing
slowly, you need to replace the water
filter because the water filter is clogged.
- Some areas have large amounts of lime
in their water, which causes the water
filter to clog more quickly.
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Cubed/Crushed Ice
Touch this button to select your desired
ice type.
Cubed and crushed ice modes alternate
when you press the button.
This mode cannot be used with the Water
mode simultaneously.
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Control Lock
The Control Lock icon lights when you've
activated the Control Lock function.
Press and hold the Ice Maker Off / Control
Lock button for 3 seconds to turn Control
Lock off and re-activate the panel buttons.
Cooling Off Mode
Cooling Off mode (also called Shop mode),
is designed for use by retailers when they
are displaying refrigerators on the shop
In Cooling Off mode, the refrigerator's
fan motor and lights work normally, but
the compressors do not run, and the
refrigerator and freezer do not get cold.
To start Cooling Off mode, touch and hold
the Freezer, Fridge and Alarm buttons for
5 seconds during normal operation.
The refrigerator chime sounds and the
temperature display flashes OFF.
To cancel Cooling Off mode, touch and
hold the Freezer, Fridge and Alarm buttons
again for 5 seconds.
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2015. 5. 8.


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