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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood CHEF XL SENSE Manual

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Troubleshooting guide

The whisk or K-beater
knocks against the bottom
of the bowl or not reaching
the ingredients in the
bottom of the bowl.
Slow speed attachment
cannot be fitted.
Standby light flashing
when Kitchen Machine
first plugged in.
The Kitchen Machine
stops during operation.
Standby light flashing
Standby light off whilst
machine plugged in.
Tool at the wrong
height and needs
Check your attachment
is compatible for
use with your model.
Twist connection
system required
(Model KAX)
Speed control not
in the 'O' position.
Mixer head in the raised
position or not locked
down correctly.
Overload protection or
overheat system
Maximum capacity
Kitchen machine has been Press the Standby button
left plugged in for more
than 20 minutes without
being operated and has
gone into Standby mode.
Adjust the height using a suitable
spanner – see "Tool Adjustment"
Attachment must have the KAX
twist connection system
the outlet.
If you own attachments featuring
the Bar Connection System
you will need to use the
KAT002ME adaptor supplied to
connect these to the Twist
Connection System on your
Kitchen Machine.
For more information visit
Check and turn speed control
to the 'O' position.
Check Kitchen Machine head
is locked down correctly.
Unplug and check for
obstruction or overloading.
Turn the speed control to "O"
and then restart.
If the machine will not operate,
remove some of the ingredients to
reduce the load and restart.
If this still does not resolve the
problem, unplug and allow to
stand for 15 minutes. Plug in and
reselect the speed.
If the mixer does not restart
following the above procedure
contact "customer care" for further
once to reset.
to fit

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