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Safety Instructions; Included In Delivery; Installing The Appliance - Siemens CT636LE Series Installation Instructions Manual

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Table of Contents

Safety instructions

Please read and pay particular attention to the safety information in the
instruction manual.
A Danger of electric shock!
Connect and operate the appliance only according to the type plate specifications. To avoid
potential hazards, repairs must only be carried out by our customer service personnel.
If the power cord of this appliance is damaged, it must be replaced with a special connection cord,
which is available from our after-sales service. Should a fault occur, pull the plug or disconnect
from the mains immediately.
Only an appliance which has been correctly installed according to these installation instructions can
be used safely. Attach loose furniture to the wall with a conventional bracket.
The applicance contains permanent magnets that may influence electronic implants such as
pacemakers or insulin pumps. Persons with electronic implants should keep a minimum of 10 cm
away from the front of the appliance.

Included in delivery

a Fully automatic coffee machine
b Instruction manual
c Filter instructions
d Installation instructions
e Connecting cable
f Assembly bracket
g Spacer
h 5 fastening screws (silver)
i 2 fastening screws (long/black)
j 2 fastening screws (short/black)
k 1 sleeve (black)
l 2 sleeves (white)
m Quick reference guide
n Measuring spoon
o Water hardness testing strip
p Water filter
q Milk tube (set)
r Milk container
s Suction pipe

Installing the appliance

Make sure there is adequate aeration. To do this, remove the
rear panel or cut out an opening of 500 x 400 mm. There must
be a gap of at least 35 mm between the wall and base of the
unit or the rear panel of the unit situated above. The ventilation
slots and intake openings must not be covered. Also follow
the installation instructions for the appliance situated above
or below. If installing the appliance above a warming drawer,
the height of the recess must be 590 mm. If the appliance is
installed directly under a décor panel, ensure that there is a
ventilation slot of at least 200 cm². The ideal installation height
for the fully automatic coffee machine, measured from the floor
to the lower edge of the appliance, is 950 mm.
1 Unpack all the parts and check for any damage in transit.
Do not operate a damaged appliance.
2 Take note of the installation dimensions of the particular
Important: Two openings angles can be selected for the
door. Depending on the opening angle required, the mounting
distance to the wall should be observed before installation.
● Opening angle approx. 110° (delivery status)
= mounting distance to the wall at least 350 mm.
● Opening angle approx. 155°
= mounting distance to the wall at least 650 mm.
For an opening angle of 155°, remove both the restrictors at the
top and bottom of the hinge.
3 Remove the installation template on the back of the
installation instructions. Place the installation template at the
front edge of the unit and screw on the assembly bracket
f as shown with two fastening screws h. The assembly
bracket must be positioned at the base of the unit and the
wall such that no gap is present.
4 Set the mains switch U to h. Plug the connecting cable e
into the socket first and then into the appliance (clicks into
place). It must not be trapped or kinked. Put the appliance to
be plugged in just on to the edge of the unit.
Important: The distance between the appliance and the wall
must be at least 100 mm.
5 Push the appliance into the unit until it clicks into place.
Check that the appliance is in the middle. If necessary,
align the appliance. To do so, pull the appliance out a little,
remove the appropriate spacers g and attach to the left
side (top and bottom). Push the appliance into the unit until
it clicks into place.
6 Take hold of the appliance door on the right next to the
outlet and open. Remove the drip tray Y. Pull the cover X on
the bottom left-hand side forwards and remove. Pull out the
accessories drawer Z and put to one side.
7 First, screw on the applicance as shown using 2 of each
of the fastening screws h and i as well as 2 sleeves l.
Then screw tight at the top right of the unit using 1 fastening
screw h and sleeve k.
8 Only for the expert
In very few cases, the door of the fitted fully automatic
machine can jam due to a warpage in the built-in units. The
door can be adjusted. To do this adjust the hinges at the top
and the bottom.
I. Adjust the depth of the door by turning the screws V.
II. Remove the hinge dampers at the top and bottom of the
hinges. Turn the screws W to adjust the inclination and
the horizontal position of the doors.
9 Re-fit the hinge dampers.
10 Insert the cover X and fix with the two black fastening
screws j.
11 Replace the drip tray Y and accessories drawer Z and close
the appliance door.


Table of Contents

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