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The menu is used for changing individual
settings, accessing information and
launching processes�
● Press A to open the menu�
The different setting options will appear�
Navigating through the menu:
Press K and L to select the various
setting options, e�g� "Language"�
Turn the selector to set, e�g� "English".
For example:
Set the appliance at 15 minutes to switch
off automatically:
● Press button A� The menu opens�
● Touch L repeatedly until the display
shows "Switch off after".
● Turn the rotary selector and select
"0h 15min".
● Press button A� "Save changes?"
● Touch [ Save ]� The setting is saved�
The drink selection appears on the display�
Press A to exit the menu at
any time� If no entry is made within
approx� 30 seconds, the menu
closes automatically and the settings
are not saved�
The following settings can be made:
Set the desired language to show the
display texts�
Water hardness
Set this to the local water hardness�
Level "1 (soft)" to "4 (very hard)" can be
selected� The preset water hardness is
"4 (very hard)"� The water hardness can,
for example, be requested from your local
water supplier�
It is important to set the water hard-
ness correctly to enable the appli-
ance to accurately indicate when the
descaling programme should be run�
Water filter
If a water filter is inserted, renewed or
removed, the setting "Insert", "Replace" or
"Remove" must be made in the menu�
A water filter lessens limescale
deposits, reduces impurities in water
and improves the coffee taste�
Water filters are available from retail
outlets or from customer services
(see the section "Accessories")�
Inserting or renewing a water filter:
A new water filter must be rinsed before it
can be used�
● Select either "Insert" or "Replace" with
the rotary selector�
● Press the water filter firmly into the
opening of the water tank�



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