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● Press the eject lever right up and push
the red latch right over to the right to k�
● Insert the coffee grounds container�
● Replace the protective cover.
● Close the appliance door�

Service programmes

(see also the Quick reference guide)
The following messages will appear on the
display at certain intervals, either
"Descaling programme required!"
"Cleaning programme required!"
"calc'nClean programme required!"�
The unit should immediately be cleaned or
descaled using the appropriate programme�
Alternatively, the two processes Descale
and Clean can be carried out together using
the calc'nClean function (see the section
"calc'nClean")� Failure to carry out the
service programme according to the instruc-
tions may damage the appliance�
To display how many beverages can still
be prepared before one of the service
programmes needs to be run, proceed as
● Press button E
● Turn the rotary selector to select
"Service info"�
● Touch [ Display ] to call up the
For each of the service programmes,
use descaling and cleaning agents as
described in the instructions�
Never interrupt a service programme�
Do not drink liquids!
Never use vinegar, citric acid or any
vinegar-based or citric acid-based
Never place descaling tablets or
other descaling materials in the
ground coffee drawer!
Before starting each service program
(Descale, Clean or calc'nClean)
remove the brewing unit, clean as
instructed and replace it�
Be careful not to jam the milk tube
when closing the door�
After completion of each service
programme, wipe the appliance
immediately with a soft, damp cloth
to remove any residues from the
descaling and cleaning solution� It is
possible for corrosion to form under-
neath such deposits�
New sponge cloths may contain
salts� Salts can cause rust film on
stainless steel and must therefore be
washed out thoroughly before use�
Clean the beverage outlet, milk tubes
and connecting piece thoroughly�
Specially developed, suitable
descaling and cleaning tablets are
available from retail outlets or from
customer services (see the section



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