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Iii. Your Scooter - Pride MAXIMA Owner's Manual

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Throttle Control Lever
This lever allows you to control the forward speed and the reverse speed of your scooter up to the maxi-
mum speed you preset with the speed adjustment dial.
Place your right hand on the right handgrip and your left hand on the left handgrip.
Use your right thumb to push the right side of the lever to disengage your scooter's brakes and move
Release the lever and allow your scooter to come to a complete stop before pushing the other side of
the lever to move in reverse.
When the throttle control lever is completely released, it automatically returns to the centre "stop"
position and engages your scooter's brakes.
Battery Condition Meter
When the key is fully inserted and turned clockwise to power up your scooter, this meter indicates the
approximate battery voltage strength. For further information on battery charging, see IV. "Batteries and
Horn Buttons
These buttons activate a warning horn.
The key must be inserted and turned clockwise for the horn to be operational.
Do not hesitate to use the warning horn when its use could prevent accident or injury.
Light Switch
This switch controls your scooter's lighting system. Toggle this switch to turn on and turn off the lights.
WARNING! Scooter users are required to use their lights when visibility is restricted—day
or night.
Turn Indicator Buttons
Use these buttons to turn on the left and right turn indicator lights.
Press the appropriate turn indicator button once to activate it.
Your scooter's turn indicators are timed to shut off automatically.
Hazard Lights Switch
This switch activates the 4-way flashers on your scooter. Toggle this switch to turn on and turn off the
Off-board Charger Port
The scooter's off-board charger plugs into this port.
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Table of Contents

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