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Anti-tip Wheels
The front (not shown) and rear anti-tip wheels are an integral and important safety feature of your scooter.
They are bolted to the frame at the front and rear of the scooter.
PROHIBITED! Do not remove the anti-tip wheels or modify your scooter in any way that
is not authorised by Pride.
Motor/Transaxle Assembly (Not Shown)
The motor/transaxle assembly is the electromechanical unit that converts the electrical energy of your
scooter's batteries into the controlled mechanical energy that drives the scooter's wheels.
Batteries (Not Shown)
The batteries store the electrical energy that powers your scooter. See IV. "Batteries and Charging."
Main Circuit Breaker (Reset Button)
When the voltage in your scooter's batteries becomes low or your scooter is heavily strained because of
excessive loads or steep inclines, the main circuit breaker may trip to protect your scooter's motor and
electronics from damage. When the breaker trips, the entire electrical system shuts down.
The main circuit breaker reset button pops out when the breaker trips.
When the breaker trips, the entire electrical system of your scooter shuts down.
Allow a minute or two for your scooter's electronics to "rest."
Push in the reset button to reset the breaker.
If the breaker trips frequently, you may need to charge your batteries more often. You may also need
to have your authorised Pride Dealer perform a load test on your scooter's batteries.
If the main circuit breaker trips repeatedly, see your authorised Pride Dealer for service.
The fuses help protect your scooter's lighting, control console assembly and charging systems from receiv-
ing an overload of electrical current. The fuses used in the scooter are the same type automobiles use.
If a fuse must be replaced, use only the specified amp fuse. See IX. "Care and Maintenance."
Docking Device Assembly
Your scooter is equipped with a docking device assem-
bly. See figure 7. In order to utilise the docking device, it
is necessary to purchase an insert (T-bar or Bullnose and
C-arm) that, when used with the lift system, will aid in
lifting your scooter.
Contact your authorised Pride Dealer for more informa-
tion about the docking device.
I I I . Y O U R S C O O T E R
Figure 7. Docking Device Assembly


Table of Contents

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