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   Summary of Contents for Pride MAXIMA-V

  • Page 1 MAXIMA-V...
  • Page 2 NTENDED The intended use of the Pride Mobility Products device is to provide mobility to persons limited to a seated position that have the capability of operating a scooter. Please fill out the following information for quick reference:...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    INTRODUCTION ........................4 SAFETY ............................5 III. YOUR SCOOTER ........................15 IV. BATTERIES AND CHARGING ..................19 OPERATION ..........................24 VI. COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS ....................26 VII. DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY ...................29 VIII. BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING ..................32 IX. CARE AND MAINTENANCE ....................34 APPENDIX I - SPECIFICATIONS .....................38 Maxima-V
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Pride to enhance or preserve the safe use of this product.
  • Page 5 Removal of grounding prong can create electrical hazard. If necessary, properly install an approved 3-pronged adapter to an electrical outlet having 2-pronged plug access. Do not connect an extension cord to the AC/DC converter or the battery charger. Maxima-V
  • Page 6: Ii. Safety

    PRE-RIDE SAFETY CHECK Get to know the feel of your scooter and its capabilities. Pride recommends that you perform a safety check before each use to make sure your scooter operates smoothly and safely.
  • Page 7: Weight Limitations

    MANDATORY! Stay within the specified weight capacity of your scooter. Exceeding the weight capacity voids your warranty. Pride will not be held responsible for injuries and/ or property damage resulting from failure to observe weight limitations.
  • Page 8 WARNING! Never carry an oxygen tank weighing more than 15 lbs. (6.8 kg). Never fill the front or rear basket with contents exceeding 15 lbs. (6.8 kg). Maxima-V
  • Page 9: Cornering Information

    Regenerative: Uses electricity to rapidly slow the vehicle when the throttle control lever returns to the center/stop position. Disc Park Brake: Activates mechanically after regenerative braking slows the vehicle to near stop or when power is removed from the system for any reason. Maxima-V
  • Page 10: Outdoor Driving Surfaces

    Your scooter is designed to provide optimum stability under normal driving conditions—dry, level sur- faces composed of concrete, blacktop, or asphalt. However, Pride recognizes that there will be times when you will encounter other surface types. For this reason, your scooter is designed to perform admirably on packed soil, grass and gravel.
  • Page 11: Freewheel Mode

    Use your hand to turn the knob or push the handle or push-bar. Drive your scooter gently and slowly forward to push the door open. Or drive your scooter gently and slowly backwards to pull the door open. Maxima-V
  • Page 12: Battery Disposal And Recycling

    If you will be transporting your scooter during travel, you may find it necessary to use a vehicle-mounted lift system or elevation product to aid in transportation. Pride recommends that you closely review the warnings, instructions, specifications, and safety information set forth by the manufacturer of the lift/ elevation product before using that product.
  • Page 13: Motor Vehicle Transport

    MOTOR VEHICLE TRANSPORT Pride recommends that you do not remain seated in your scooter while traveling in a motor vehicle. The scooter should be stowed in the trunk of a car or in the back of a truck or van with batteries removed and properly secured.
  • Page 14 WARNING! Do not operate your scooter while you are under the influence of alcohol, as this may impair your ability to operate the scooter in a safe manner. WARNING! Pride strongly recommends that you do not smoke cigarettes while seated on your scooter, although the scooter seat has passed the necessary testing requirements for cigarette smoking.
  • Page 15 The Status LED alerts you to electrical problems that may occur with the scooter. The LED remains constantly lit while your scooter is on. If the scooter develops an electrical problem, the status LED will flash a code. See VIII. “Basic Troubleshooting” for troubleshooting flash codes. Maxima-V
  • Page 16: Iii. Your Scooter

    Your scooter’s turn signals are timed to shut off automatically. Hazard Lights Switch This switch activates the 4-way flashers on your scooter. Toggle this switch to turn on and turn off the lights. Off-board Charger Port The scooter’s off-board charger plugs into this port. Maxima-V
  • Page 17 Stand to the side of the scooter to engage or disengage freewheel mode. Never sit on a scooter to do this. After you have finished pushing your scooter, always return it to the drive mode to lock the brakes. Maxima-V
  • Page 18 If the breaker trips frequently, you may need to charge your batteries more often. You may also need to have your authorized Pride Provider perform a load test on your scooter’s batteries. If the main circuit breaker trips repeatedly, see your authorized Pride Provider for service.
  • Page 19: Batteries And Charging

    PROHIBITED! Do not allow unsupervised children to play near the scooter while the batteries are charging. Pride recommends that you do not charge the batteries while the scooter is occupied. MANDATORY! Read the battery charging instructions in this manual and in the manual supplied with the battery charger before charging the batteries.
  • Page 20: Iv. Batteries And Charging

    For the safest and most efficient charging of your scooter’s batteries, we recommend use of the charger supplied as original equipment with your Pride product only. Any charging method resulting in batteries being charged individually is especially prohibited.
  • Page 21 Your scooter requires two 12-volt, deep cycle, U-1 (31-36 Ah) batteries that are sealed and maintenance free. Only sealed, non-spillable batteries that meet DOT CRF 173.159 should be used with your scooter. Replacement batteries should be obtained from your authorized Pride Provider to ensure proper conform- ability, fit, and function.
  • Page 22 We work closely with our battery manufacturer to provide batteries that best suit your scooter’s specific electrical demands. Fresh batteries arrive daily at Pride and are shipped fully charged to our customers. During shipping, the batteries may encounter temperature extremes that may influence their initial perfor- mance.
  • Page 23 What about public transportation? If you intend to use public transport with your scooter, you must contact the transportation provider in advance to determine their specific requirements Maxima-V
  • Page 24: Operation

    To stop, slowly release the throttle control lever. The electronic brakes will automatically engage when your scooter comes to a stop. NOTE: Your scooter’s reverse speed is slower then that of the forward speed you preset with the speed adjustment dial. Maxima-V
  • Page 25: V. Operation

    Although the controller is shut down and the scooter will not move, power will still be supplied to the scooter’s lighting system. If the power down timer feature takes effect, perform the following steps to resume normal operation: 1. Turn the key to the “off” position. 2. Turn the key back to the “on” position. Maxima-V
  • Page 26: Tiller Angle Adjustment

    ARMREST See figure 12. ADJUSTMENT 1. Loosen the two setscrews located on the armrest receiver. KNOBS 2. Raise or lower the armrest to the desired height. 3. Tighten the setscrews to secure the armrest. Figure 12. Armrest Adjustments Maxima-V
  • Page 27: Vi. Comfort Adjustments

    5 Reinstall the bolt, washers, and nut to WASHER secure the seat post. WASHER NOTE: Ensure both washers have been rein- stalled before fully tightening the nut. BOLT 6. Reinstall the rear shroud and the seat. LOWER SEAT POST Figure 14. Seat Height Adjustment Maxima-V
  • Page 28 The scooter cannot be driven at full speed until the scooter’s seat is lowered to approximately one-half its maximum height. It is strongly recommended that the scooter not be operated with the power seat elevated. Maxima-V
  • Page 29 WARNING! Failure to unplug both battery harnesses and the front-to-rear harness prior to frame separation could result in permanent damage to the scooter. Figure 16. Seat Removal Figure 17. Rear Shroud Removal Figure 18. Disconnecting The Battery Figure 19. Disconnecting The Front-To-Rear Harnesses Harness Maxima-V
  • Page 30: Vii. Disassembly And Assembly

    MOTOR HARNESS Figure 20. Motor Harness Figure 21. Battery Removal Figure 22. Locking Cam Levers (Unlocked Position) Figure 23. Frame Lock-up Ball Detent Pins Figure 24. Frame Handle Ball Detent Pin Figure 25. Frame Separation Maxima-V
  • Page 31 9. Put the batteries in place and plug both black and white 2-pin battery harnesses into their mating plugs. 10. Reconnect the battery tie-down strap. 11. Reinstall the rear shroud. 12. Reinstall the seat. 13. Rotate the seat until it is securely in place. Maxima-V
  • Page 32 Charge fully until charger and any meters scooter. indicate completion. Battery voltage is too high to operate the Contact your authorized Pride Provider for scooter. assistance. Solenoid brake trip. The manual freewheel Remove the key, then push the manual free- lever may be in the freewheel position.
  • Page 33: Viii. Basic Troubleshooting

    What if the main circuit breaker repeatedly trips? Charge the scooter’s batteries more frequently. See IV. “Batteries and Charging.” If the problem continues, have both of your scooter’s batteries load tested by your authorized Pride Provider. You may also perform the load test yourself. Battery load testers are available at most automotive parts stores.
  • Page 34: Care And Maintenance

    Your scooter requires a minimal amount of care and maintenance. If you do not feel confident in your ability to perform the maintenance listed below, you may schedule inspection and maintenance at your authorized Pride Provider. The following areas require periodic inspection and/or care and maintenance. TIRE PRESSURE If equipped with pneumatic tires, always maintain the psi/bar/kPa air pressure rating indicated on each tire.
  • Page 35 Contact your authorized Pride Provider for information regarding replacement wheels for your scooter. AXLE SLOT WARNING! Wheels on your scooter...
  • Page 36: Light Bulb Replacement

    Regularly check all wiring connections. Regularly check all wiring insulation, including the charger power cord, for wear or damage. Have your authorised Pride Provider repair or replace any damaged connector, connection, or insula- tion that you find before using your scooter again.
  • Page 37: Storing Your Scooter

    Your scooter must be disposed of according to applicable local and national statutory regulations. Contact your local waste disposal agency or authorized Pride Provider for information on proper disposal of pack- aging, metal frame components, plastic components, electronics, batteries, neoprene, silicone, and poly- urethane materials.
  • Page 38: Appendix I - Specifications

    A P P E N D I X I - S P E C I F I C A T I O N S MAXIMA-V SPECIFICATIONS Model Number SC900V 46 in. (116.84 cm) Overall Length 25.5 in. (64.8 cm) at wheels Overall Width 171 lbs.
  • Page 39 4.25 in. (10.8 cm) 18 in. (46 cm) 22 in. (56 cm) 46 in. (116.84 cm) 24 - 28 in. (61 - 71 cm) Turning Radius 52 in. (132.1 cm) 25.5 in. (64.8 cm) Figure 29. Scooter Dimensions Maxima-V
  • Page 40 N O T E S Maxima-V
  • Page 41 N O T E S Maxima-V
  • Page 42 N O T E S Maxima-V
  • Page 43 *INFMANU3856*...

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