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I V . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G
You may need the following to change your batteries:
metric/standard socket set and ratchet
adjustable spanner
To change the batteries in your scooter:
1. Remove the seat and the rear shroud. See VII. "Disassembly and Assembly."
2. Disconnect the battery tie-down straps.
3. Disconnect the battery harnesses from the rear electronics module.
4. Disconnect the battery cables from the battery terminals.
5. Remove the old batteries.
6. Place a new battery in each battery well.
7. Connect the red battery cables to the positive (+) battery terminals.
8. Connect the black battery cables to the negative (-) battery terminals.
9. Reconnect the battery harnesses to the rear electronics module.
10. Reconnect the battery tie-down straps.
11. Reinstall the rear shroud and the seat.
NOTE: If you encounter a damaged or cracked battery, immediately enclose it in a plastic bag and
contact your local waste disposal agency or your authorised Pride Dealer for instructions on disposal
and battery recycling, which is our recommended course of action.
Why do my new batteries seem weak?
Deep-cycle batteries employ a different chemical technology than is used in car batteries, nickel-cadmium
batteries (nicads) or in other common battery types. Deep-cycle batteries are specifically designed to
provide power, drain down their charge and then accept a relatively quick recharge.
We work closely with our battery manufacturer to provide batteries that best suit your scooter's specific
electrical demands. Fresh batteries arrive daily at Pride and are shipped fully charged to our customers.
During shipping, the batteries may encounter temperature extremes that may influence their initial perfor-
mance. Heat diminishes the charge on the battery; cold slows the available power and extends the time
needed to recharge the battery.
It may take a few days for the temperature of your scooter's batteries to stabilise and adjust to their new
room or ambient temperature. More importantly, it takes a few charging cycles (a partial drain followed
by a full recharge) to establish the critical chemical balance that is essential to a deep-cycle battery's peak
performance and long life.
Follow these steps to properly break in your scooter's new batteries for maximum efficiency and ser-
vice life:
1. Fully recharge any new battery prior to its initial use. This charging cycle brings the battery up to about
88% of its peak performance level.
2. Operate your new scooter in familiar and safe areas. Drive slowly at first and do not travel too far from
your home or familiar surroundings until you have become accustomed to your scooter's controls and
have properly broken in your scooter's batteries.
3. Fully recharge the batteries. They should be at over 90% of their peak performance level.
4. Operate your scooter again.


Table of Contents

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