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Owner's Manual
The Ultimate In Style & Performance
21 Healey Road
Dandenong, 3175
Victoria, Australia
ACN# 088 609 661


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  • Page 1 Owner’s Manual The Ultimate In Style & Performance ® 21 Healey Road Dandenong, 3175 Victoria, Australia ACN# 088 609 661
  • Page 2 Using your Pride product safely depends upon your diligence in following the warnings, cautions, and instructions in this owner’s manual. Using your Pride product safely also depends upon your own good judgement and/or common sense, as well as that of your provider, caregiver, and/or healthcare professional.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    III. SPECIFICATIONS ........................8 IV. DESCRIPTION .......................... 10 BATTERIES AND CHARGING .................... 15 VI. OPERATION ..........................20 VII. COMFORT ADJUSTMENTS....................22 VIII. DISASSEMBLY AND ASSEMBLY ..................25 IX. TROUBLESHOOTING ......................29 CARE AND MAINTENANCE ....................30 XI. WARRANTY ..........................32 Celebrity XL...
  • Page 4: Introduction

    Your understanding of these instructions is essential for the safe operation of your new Pride Scooter. Pride is not liable for damage to property or personal injury arising out of unsafe use of a Pride Scooter. Pride is also not liable for any property damage or personal injury arising out of the failure of any person and or/user to following the instructions and recommendations set forth in this manual or any other instructions or recommendations contained in other Scooter related literature issued by Pride or contained on the Pride Scooter itself.
  • Page 5: I. Introduction

    Pride Owners Club As an owner of a Pride product, you are invited to register your product’s warranty and enroll in the Pride Owners Club. You may do so by filling out and returning your enclosed registration card or by visiting Pride’s web site at
  • Page 6: I I . S A F E T Y

    Pride. It is our recommendation that you follow the manufacturer-supplied instructions and specifications if you decide to use such a product in connection to your Scooter.
  • Page 7 If you are in the doorway of an elevator when the door(s) begin to close, push on the rubber door edge or allow the rubber door edge to contact your Scooter to reopen the door. n Use care that pocketbooks, packages, or Celebrity XL accessories do not become caught in the elevator doors. RAMPS AND OTHER INCLINES More and more buildings have ramps with specified degrees of inclination, designed for easy and safe Scooter access.
  • Page 8 Figure 3. Increased Stability Driving Position DRIVING SURFACES Your Celebrity XL was designed to provide optimum stability under normal driving conditions — dry, level surfaces composed of concrete or asphalt. However, Pride recognizes that there will be times when you will operate your Scooter on surfaces other than concrete or asphalt.
  • Page 9: Specifications

    63,5 cm - 71 cm 20 cm - 30,5 cm 4,5 cm 45,7 cm - 53,3 cm 13,3 cm 4 cm Figure 4. Celebrity XL Specifications 137 cm 45,7 cm 40,6 cm 61 cm - 72 cm 99 cm Turning Radius...
  • Page 10 Brakes: Electronic regenerative braking and electromechanical disc brake Rear Wheel Drive: Sealed transaxle, 24 VDC motor Wheels: Pride Micro-Mag aluminum alloy wheels in black, red, or gold Tiller Type: Infinitely adjustable Freewheel Mechanism: Freewheel release lever located on transaxle Total weight with batteries:...
  • Page 11: Iv. Description

    VII. “Comfort Adjustments.” Power Seat Switch (Optional) If your Celebrity XL is equipped with a power seat, this switch enables you to raise and lower the seat. For power seat adjustment directions, see VII. “Comfort Adjustments.” WARNING! Strict adherence to the following safety rules is vital:...
  • Page 12: Speed Adjustment Dial

    Turn the key to the off position and remove the key from the key switch to power down your Scooter. WARNING! If you remove the key from the key switch while your Celebrity XL is in motion, the electronic brakes engage and your Scooter comes to an abrupt stop! Left and Right Turn Signal Buttons (Optional) Use these buttons to turn on the left and right turn signal (amber) lights.
  • Page 13: Light Switch

  • Page 14: Onboard Battery Charger

    Allow a minute or so for the electronics to “rest.” n Push in the reset button to reset the breaker. n If the breaker trips frequently, you may need to charge your batteries more often or have your Pride provider perform a load test on the batteries.
  • Page 15: Optional Accessories

    WARNING! Do not remove your Scooter’s anti-tip wheels or modify your Scooter in any way that is not authorized by Pride. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES For information concerning these optional accessories, contact your authorized Pride provider. OXYGEN BOTTLE HOLDER REAR BASKET SINGLE CRUTCH HOLDER...
  • Page 16: Batteries And Charging

    A N D C H A R G I N G Your Celebrity XL requires two long-lasting, 12V, deep-cycle batteries that are sealed and maintenance free. Recharge the batteries with the convenient onboard 5 amp charging system. Two important points to remember are: n Charge your batteries with the supplied onboard battery charger prior to using it for the first time.
  • Page 17 5. When the batteries are fully charged, unplug the charger power cord from the wall outlet, recoil the cord, and place it neatly inside the utility tray. NOTE: There is a charger inhibit on your Celebrity XL. Your Scooter will not run and the battery condition meter will not operate while the batteries are charging.
  • Page 18 Scooter. Do not use wet-cell batteries, which have removable caps. CAUTION! Do not remove the caps from sealed batteries. Water cannot be added to sealed batteries. Cap removal voids the battery warranty and may cause damage to the batteries and to your Scooter. Celebrity XL...
  • Page 19: Battery Specifications

    88% of their peak performance level. 2. Operate your new Celebrity XL in familiar and safe areas. Drive slowly at first, and do not travel too far from your home or familiar surroundings until you have become accustomed to your Scooter’s controls and have properly broken in the batteries.
  • Page 20 Avoid storing your Scooter where it will be exposed to temperature extremes. CAUTION! If your Celebrity XL’s batteries do become frozen, do not attempt to charge them. Cold or frozen batteries should be allowed to warm up for several days prior to recharging.
  • Page 21: Operation

    7. Release the throttle control lever to decelerate and come to a complete stop. The electric brake automatically engages when your Scooter comes to a stop. 8. To move in reverse, use your thumb to push the left side of the throttle lever to disengage the brakes and move rearward. Celebrity XL...
  • Page 22 5. Carefully get out of the seat and stand to the side of your Scooter. 6. You may, if you wish, leave the seat facing to the side to facilitate boarding your Scooter the next time you are going to operate it. Celebrity XL...
  • Page 23: Comfort Adjustments

    5. Fully insert the ball detent pin. 6. Replace the seat. POWER SEAT ACTUATOR (OPTIONAL) Your Celebrity XL may be equipped with a power seat actuator. The actuator raises and lowers the seat automatically. See figure 12. SEAT POST SEAT POST TOWER...
  • Page 24: Seat Rotation

    2. Rotate the seat to the desired position. 3. Release the seat lock lever to lock the seat securely in place. POWER SEAT ACTUATOR FRONT-TO-BACK SEAT SEAT LOCK LEVER RELEASE LEVER ARMREST ADJUSTMENT KNOBS Figure 13. Seat Adjustments Figure 12. Power Seat Actuator (Optional) Celebrity XL...
  • Page 25: Armrest Width Adjustment

    A D J U S T M E N T S ARMREST WIDTH ADJUSTMENT The armrest width of your Celebrity XL can be adjusted inward or outward. 1. Turn the armrest adjustment knobs at the back of the seat frame counterclockwise to loosen. See figure 13.
  • Page 26: V I I I . D I S A S S E M B L Y A N D A S S E M B L Y

    DISASSEMBLY You can disassemble the Celebrity XL into six or seven pieces: the seat, the front frame, the rear frame, the rear shroud, and the two batteries; you can also remove the utility tray from the rear frame, if necessary.
  • Page 27 CAUTION! Failing to unplug both 2-pin battery harnesses and the front-to-rear connector prior to further disassembly could result in permanent damage to your Scooter. BATTERY TIE-DOWN STRAP Figure 19. Unplugging the Battery Harnesses Figure 20. Unfasten Battery Tie-down Straps and Lift the Batteries Celebrity XL...
  • Page 28 Figure 22. Lifting the Utility Tray 10. Remove the ball detent pins and lift the locking cam levers. See figures 23 and 24. Figure 23. Removing Ball Detent Pins with Rings Figure 24. Lifting Up Locking Cam Levers Celebrity XL...
  • Page 29 15. Slide the shroud down in place. 16. Carefully lift the seat and slide the small seat post (on the seat bottom) into the seat post tower. 17. Rotate the seat until it locks into place. Celebrity XL...
  • Page 30: Troubleshooting

    I press the throttle Fully charge your Scooter’s batteries. control lever. Have your authorized Pride provider load test each battery. Obtain a battery load tester at most any automotive parts store; follow the directions supplied with the load tester.
  • Page 31: Care And Maintenance

    M A I N T E N A N C E Your Celebrity XL requires a minimal amount of care and maintenance. If you do not feel confident in your ability to perform the maintenance listed below, you may schedule inspection and maintenance at your authorized Pride provider.
  • Page 32 Let any of these areas dry thoroughly before operating your Scooter if they have been exposed to moisture. STORAGE: n Refer to “How should I store my Celebrity XL and its batteries?” in V. “Batteries and Charging.” Celebrity XL...
  • Page 33: Warranty

    This guarantee does not extend to those items which may need replacement due to normal wear and tear (tyres, belts, bulbs, upholstery, plastic shrouds, motor brushes, fuses, and batteries), or damage to the product caused by misuse or accident for which Pride or its agent cannot be held responsible. This warranty does not include labor or service calls.
  • Page 34 N O T E S Celebrity XL...

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