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Testing The System - Honeywell VISTA-20P User Manual

Ademco vista series
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Table of Contents
About Testing the System
Using the Test mode allows each protection point to be checked for proper operation.
Testing should be conducted weekly to ensure proper operation.
• The keypad sounds a single beep about every 30 seconds as a reminder that the
system is in the Test mode.
• Alarm messages are not sent to your Central Station while Test mode is on.
1. Disarm the system and close all protected windows,
doors, etc. The READY indicator light should come on
if all zones are intact (i.e., all protected windows,
doors, etc. are closed.
(Master Code)
The Dial test (option "1") is intended for the installer
and should not be used unless directed to do so by your
Security System Representative.
3. Listen. The external sounder should sound for about 1
second then turn off. If the sounder does not sound,
CALL FOR SERVICE. The "Test in Progress" display
appears only on the keypad that started the test.
4. Fault zones. Open each protected door and window in turn and listen for three
beeps from the keypad. Identification (zone number or zone description) of each
faulted protection point should appear on the display. The display clears when the
door or window is closed.
5. Walk in front of any interior motion detectors (if used) and listen for three beeps.
The identification of the detector should appear on the display when it is activated.
The display clears when no motion is detected. Note that if wireless motion detectors
are used, there is a 3-minute delay between activations. This conserves battery life.
6. Test all smoke detectors, following the manufacturer's instructions. The
identification of each detector should appear on the display when each is activated.
If a problem is experienced with any protection point (no confirming sounds, no
display), call for service immediately.
When all protection points have been checked and are intact (closed), there should
be no zone identification numbers displayed on the keypad.
7. Exit test mode:
If the test mode is inadvertently left active, it automatically turns off after 4 hours.
During the final five minutes, the keypad will emit a double beep every 30 seconds.
+ 5
then [0] (walk)
(Security Code)
National Security Systems (800) 457-1999

Testing the System

Alpha Displays:
1 = DIAL, 0 = WALK
– 41 –

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Table of Contents

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