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Section 10; Testing The System; Battery Test; Dialer Test - Honeywell VISTA-128BPEN Installation And Setup Manual

Commercial burglary partitioned security system with scheduling
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Battery Test

When AC power is present, the VISTA-128BPEN runs a
brief battery test every 60 seconds to determine if there
is a battery connected, and runs an extended battery
test every 4 hours to check on the battery's condition.

Dialer Test

The VISTA-128BPEN may be programmed to
automatically transmit test reports to a central station
at intervals ranging from once per hour to once per
9999 hours (field ✳27).

Burglary Walk-Test (Code + [5] TEST)

This test causes the system to sound keypad beeps in
response to faults on zones for the purpose of allowing
proper zone operation to be checked without triggering
alarms. This test can be activated by any-level user by
entering the corresponding security code and pressing
TEST while the burglary portion of the system is
disarmed. UL requires that this test be conducted on a
weekly basis.
When this test is first entered, the system activates the
alarm output for 3 seconds. The system sends a Start of
Walk-Test message to the central station. The keypad
displays "Burg Walk Test in Progress" and sounds a
single beep every 15 seconds while the test remains
Open and close each protected door and window in turn.
Each action should produce three beeps from the
keypad. Walk in front of any motion detectors. Listen
for three beeps when the detector senses movement.

Armed Burglary System Test

Alarm messages are sent to the central station
during the armed system tests. Notify the
central station that a test will be in progress.

Testing the System

If the VISTA-128BPEN finds that the battery voltage is
low (less than approximately 11.5V), it initiates a
keypad "SYSTEM LOBAT" display and a rapid keypad
beeping sound. It also sends a Low Battery report to
the central station (if programmed). The keypad is
cleared by entering any security code + OFF, and a
Restore report is sent to the central station if the
situation has been corrected.
UL requires the test report to be transmitted at least
once every 24 hours. The system can be programmed to
send the first report at any time of the day, or on any
day of the week (field ✳83).
The keypad displays the zone number and alpha
descriptor while a door or window remains open or
while a detector remains activated. The system
automatically issues a Zone 8 Glassbreak Detector
Power Reset about 10 seconds after it finds a fault on
this zone, to allow faulted detectors to be reset.
To end this test, enter any security code and press OFF.
An End of Walk-Test message is sent to the central
The system automatically exits the Test mode
after 60 minutes if there is no activity (no
doors or windows are opened and closed, no
motion detectors are activated, etc.) on the
VISTA-128BPEN. The system beeps the
keypad(s) twice every 15 seconds during the
last 5 minutes as a warning that it is about to
exit the Test mode and return to normal
A display of "COMM. FAILURE" indicates a
failure to communicate (no kissoff by the receiver
at the central station after the maximum number
of transmission attempts is tried). If this occurs,
verify that the phone line is connected, the
correct report format is programmed, etc.
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Table of Contents

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