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Testing The System; About Test Procedures; System Test; Checking Transmitter Enrollment (Sniffer Mode) - Honeywell ADEMCO VISTA Series Installation And Setup Manual

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VISTA-15P/20P/SIA Installation and Setup Guide

Testing the System

About Test Procedures

After the installation is complete, you should perform the following tests:

System Test:

Checks that all zones have been installed properly and the system responds to faults.
Dialer Test:
Checks that the phone connection to the central station is working properly.
Go/No Go Test:
Checks that transmissions can be received from transmitters. Should be performed before
permanently mounting transmitters.
RF Sniffer Mode:
Checks that RF transmitter serial numbers have been properly enrolled.
Battery Tests:
Automatic battery tests are performed by the system.
System Test
NOTE: Test mode can be entered from any keypad. However, faulted zones appear only on those keypads
assigned to the partition to which the zone is assigned (i.e., partition 1 zones appear only on partition 1 keypads,
etc.). To see another partition's faulted zones, view a keypad assigned to that partition or use the GOTO
command (code +[] + partition number 0-3, where 0 is the keypad's home partition).
With the system in the disarmed state, check that all zones in the partition to be tested are intact (not faulted).
Doors and windows with contacts should be closed, PIRs should be covered (use a cloth to mask them
temporarily if necessary). If a "NOT READY" message is displayed, press [] to display the faulted zone(s).
Restore faulted zone(s) if necessary, so that the "READY" message is displayed.
1. Enter Installer Code + 5 [ TEST ] , then press "0" at the prompt to start Walk Test mode.
The following will be displayed on the initiating keypad and a Contact ID report will be sent (code 607):
2. Upon entering the system test mode, the outside sounder should sound for 1 second.
If the backup battery is discharged or missing, the sounder may not turn on and a "LOW BATTERY" report will
be transmitted with a "TEST" report.
The keypad will beep about every 30 seconds as a reminder that the system is in the Test mode.
NOTE: Wireless motion detectors (Passive Infrared units) will send signals out only if they have been inactive
for 3 minutes (conserves battery life).
3. Test all sensors using the procedure described in the User's Guide "Testing the System" section.
4. After checking sensors, turn off the test mode by entering installer code + OFF.
NOTE: Test mode automatically ends after 4 hours. During the final 5 minutes (after 3 hours 55 minutes of
Test mode), the keypad emits a double-beep every 30 seconds to alert that the end of Test mode is nearing.

Checking Transmitter Enrollment (Sniffer Mode)

Use this mode to verify that all transmitters have been properly programmed. Make sure both partitions are
disarmed before trying to enter this mode, since this is a system-wide command.
1. From a keypad in partition 1, press [Installer code] + [#] + 3.
NOTE: If the communicator is in the process of sending a report to the central station, the system will not go
into the Sniffer mode. If so, wait a few minutes, and try again.
The keypads in both partitions will display all zone numbers of wireless units (in both partitions) programmed
into the system. Fault each transmitter in turn, causing each one to send a signal. As the system receives a
signal from each of the transmitters, the zone number of that transmitter disappears from the display.
2. After all transmitters have been checked, exit the sniffer mode by keying [Installer code] + OFF.
IMPORTANT: Sniffer mode does not automatically expire. You must manually exit Sniffer mode (by entering
[Installer code] + OFF) to return to normal operation.
(no special display on Fixed-Word keypads)
("dd" displayed on Fixed-Word Display Keypads)

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