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Additional Safety - AEG BMT 60 Operation And Installation Instructions Manual

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2. Operating instructions
2.1 Important information
- Currently-applicable data on the supply
rating plate.
- Install the unit flush with the wall.
- Piped supplementary heating is not
- Water installation material.
Cold water : pipe-steel or copper.
Hot water : pipe-copper.
- Electrical connection to permanently
installed leads via circuit breaker.
- Fitting for open-outlet units are not
- Safety valves are not required.

Additional Safety.

If for any reason, excessive heating occurs
the manual reset thermal cut-out will cut
off the power permanently.
* Customer must call for service from a
qualified technician.
2.2 Putting the water heater into opera-
1. Turn on circuit breaker to bring electrical
power to the unit.
2. Adjust the water temperature to the
desired level using the knob on the
front cover of the unit.
3. Turn on hot water and wait twenty
seconds until temperature has stabilized.
4. Check the water temperature with your
hand and make sure that it does not
feel too hot. Reduce if necessary.
5. Explain to the user how the unit works
and familiarize him or her with its use.
Advise the user about possible hazards.
Hand over these instructions, to be kept
for future reference.
for the user and the qualified installer
Open hot water faucet for a few
minutes until water flow is continuous and
all air is purged from water pipes. The unit's
plastic cover must be installed before the
circuit breaker is turned on.
Normal maintenance
The Mini Multipoint water heater is designed
for a very long service life. Actual life expec-
tancy will vary with water quality and use.
The unit itself does not require any regular
maintenance. However, to ensure consistent
water flow, it is recommended to periodically
remove scale and dirt that may build up at the
aerator of the faucet or in the shower head.
2.3 Care and Maintenance
All that is needed for cleaning the housing is a
damp cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning
agents or agents containing solvents.
Maintenance work may only be
carried out by a qualified technician.

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