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Water Connections - AEG BMT 60 Operation And Installation Instructions Manual

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1. Installation instructions
1.1 Description of the unit
This manual must be read carefully before
attempting to install the mini multipoint
water heater. If you do not follow the
safety rules or the instructions outlined
in this manual, the unit may not operate
properly and it could cause property
damage, serious body injury and/or death.
AEG will not be liable for any damages
because of failure to comply with the
installation and operating instructions
outlined in this manual or because of
improper use. Improper use includes the use
of this appliance to heat any liquid other
than water. Failure to comply with the
installation and operating instructions or
improper use voids warranty. Never remove
the unit's plastic cover unless the electricity
is turned off.
If you have any quesions regarding the
installation or operation of this water
heater, or if you need an additional installation
manual, please call our technical service
line and we will refer you to a qualified AEG
service representative in your area.
The Mini Multipoint water heater does not
store hot water. Instead, water is heated
instantaneously as it flows through the
unit. The input of heat into the water is
electronically controlled. Please set the
desired temperature using the knob on the
front cover. The LED lights up when the unit
is "ON".
1.2 Detail description (Fig 6)
1. Fixing hole (2 nos.)
2. Cable seal
3. Step switch
4. Differential pressure switch assembly
for the qualified installer
5. Cold water connection
6. Hot water connection
7. Water container assembly
8. Thermostat
9. Filter
10. Union nut (provided by client)
1.3 Installation instruction
for the qualified installer
1. Install the Mini Multipoint as
close as possible to the main
hot water draw-off points.
2. Leave a minimum of 5" of
clearance on all sides for
3. Remove plastic cover. (Fig 3)
4. Mount unit securely to wall by
putting two screws through
mounting holes. Screws and
plastic wall plugs for mounting
are provided. (Fig 4)

Water connections

1. All plumbing work must comply
with national and applicable
state and local plumbing codes.
2. Make certain that the cold
water supply line has been
flushed to remove any scale
and dirt.
3. Cold water connection (inlet)
is on the right side of the unit
(Fig 6 # 5), hot water connection
(outlet) is on the left side of
the unit. (Fig 6 # 6)
5. When all plumbing work is
completed, check for leaks
and take corrective action
before proceeding.

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