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Important Note; Installation Location - AEG BMT 60 Operation And Installation Instructions Manual

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1. Installation instructions
Unit must be i nstalled in a
vertical position with the water
fittings pointing downward. Do not install
unit where it would routinely be splashed
with water. Electric shock may result.
1.4 Electrical connection
1. All electrical work must comply with
national and applicable state and
local electrical codes.
2. The Mini Multipoint should be
connected to a properly grounded
dedicated branch circuit of proper
voltage rating. In installation with
several Mini Multipoint units, each
unit requires an independent circuit.
3. The "live" wires must be connected
to the slots on the terminal block
marked L. The ground wire must be
connected to the slot marked with
the ground symbol.
4. Reinstall plastic cover.
Before begining any work on
the electric installation, be sure that main
breaker panel switch is, "OFF" to avoid any
danger of electric shock. All mounting
and plumbing must be completed before
proceeding with electrical hook-up where
required by local, state or national electrical
codes the circuit should be equipped with
a "Ground fault interrupter".
1.5 Regulations and Provisions
- Regulations of the local power supply
company should be observed.
- Regulations of the water supply company
should observed
- Technical data.
- Install the unit flush with the wall.
- Electrical connection to be secure.
for the qualified installer
- The device must be capable of being
isolated from the mains, for example by
fuses, with an isolating distance of at
least 3 mm, in all poles.
The unit must be earthed (see
circuitdiagram). To protect
against water penetration, the cable seal
(3) must be used.

1.6 Important note

All the information in these
Operating and Installation
Instructions must be carefully followed.
These instructions provide important details
regarding the safety, operation, installation,
and maintenance of the unit.

1.7 Installation location

The unit is to be installed in
a closed, frost-free room
(disconnected units are to be stored in a
frost-free location, since there will always
be some water left in the unit) The BMT is
to be installed vertically on a wall (hot
water connection downwards).
Warning :
Open hot water faucet for a few
minutes until water flow is continuous and
all air is purged from water pipes.The unit's
plastic cover must be installed before the
circuit breaker is turned on.

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