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Additional Safety Warnings - Black & Decker GL1000 Instruction Manual

14” (35cm) trimmer/edger


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To reduce risk of injury:
f Before any use, be sure everyone using this tool
reads and understands all safety instructions and
other information contained in this manual.
f Save these instructions and review frequently prior to
use and in instructing others.
f Always wear eye protection: Wear safety goggles or
glasses at all times whenever this tool is plugged in.
f Guard: Never use this tool without the guard.
f Use the appropriate clothing: Do not wear loose
clothing or jewelry. They can be caught in moving
parts. We recommend the use of rubber gloves and
shoes with rubber soles when working outdoors.
Do not operate the tool while barefoot or wearing open
sandals. Wear long pants to protect your legs. Tie
back and cover long hair.
f Cutting line: Keep your face, hands and feet away
from the rotating cutting line at all times.
f The rotating line performs a cutting function: Use
caution when trimming around screens and plants
f Keep away all bystanders: At a safe distance,
especially children.
f Important notice: When using the tool as an edger,
stones, metal parts and other objects can be thrown
at high speed by the action of the cutting line. The tool
and guard are designed to reduce danger.
f Make sure that other people and pets are no less than
30 m (100 feet) away.
f In order to reduce the risk of injury from impact
(rebound), work away from any nearby solid objects
such as walls, steps, large stones, trees, etc. Use
extreme caution when working around solid objects
and, when necessary, prune or trim the edges manually.
f Avoid accidental start-up: Never carry a plugged-in
tool with a finger on the switch.
f Do not force the tool: At a speed faster than the one
for which it was designed to cut effectively.
f Use the proper tool: Do not use this tool for any
functions other than those for which it was designed
f Do not overstretch: Keep your balance and stand up
properly at all times.
f Never pull the cord: Do not pull the cord from the
power source. Keep the cord away from heat, oil and
sharp edges.
f Damage to the unit: If you hit the tool or it becomes
entangled with a foreign object, turn it off immediately,
unplug it, check that it has not been damaged, and
repair any damages before further use. Do not operate
the tool if the coil or spool are damaged.
f Cord damage: Keep the cord away from the rotating
line. If the cord is damaged, unplug it from the power
supply before moving the tool or examining the cord.
Any damaged cord must be replaced before use
f Unplug the tool: When not in use, to replace the
cutting line or before cleaning.
f Avoid any hazardous environmental conditions:
Do not use power tools in damp or wet places. Follow
all instructions in this manual for proper operation of
the tool. Do not use the tool in the rain.
f Do not operate portable power tools in gaseous or
explosive atmospheres: Motors in these tools
normally generate sparks, and these sparks might
ignite fumes.
f Keep any unused tools inside: When not in use,
tools should be stored in a dry, high or locked place,
out of reach of children.
f The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
protection must be applied to any circuits or
outlets to be used in garden appliances: There
are outlets with built-in GFCI protection, and these
may be used to comply with this protective measure
f Secure the extension cord: Using the cord retainer
f Be alert: Watch what you are doing. Use common
sense. Do not operate the tool if you are tired
f Maintain your tools properly: Follow the instructions
in the maintenance section. Inspect extension cords
periodically and replace them if damaged. Keep
handles dry, clean and free of oil and grease.
f Check damaged parts: Before reusing the tool,
you must check the guard or any other part that may
be damaged to determine if they can operate properly
and perform the function for which they were
designed. Check the alignment and attachment of
moving parts, breakage of any parts, mounting and any
other conditions that may affect performance. Any
guard or other part that may be damaged should be
properly repaired or replaced by an authorized service
center unless otherwise indicated in this manual.
Warning! When servicing double insulated tools, use
only identical replacement parts. Repair or replace any
damaged cords.
Warning! To avoid the risk of electric shock, use
only an extension cord suitable for outdoor use. Always
connect extension cords to a fused line or one protected
by a circuit breaker.
Caution! When servicing double insulated tools, USE
repair damaged cords.
f Keep all body parts away from the cutting strings.
Do not try to remove the material being cut or
to be cut when the blades are moving. Make sure
the switch is off when there is jammed material. A

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents