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Extension Cords; Operation - Black & Decker GL1000 Instruction Manual

14” (35cm) trimmer/edger


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f Before use check the supply and extension cord
for signs of damage or aging. If the cord becomes
damaged during use, disconnect the cord from
the supply immediately.
Note: Do not touch the cord before disconnecting
the supply. Do not use the line trimmer if the cord
is damaged or worn.
f Keep extension cord away from cutting line.
f Never allow children or people unfamiliar with these
instructions to use the line trimmer.
f Avoid using the line trimmer, while people, especially
children or pets, are nearby.
f Use the line trimmer only in daylight or good artificial
f Never operate the line trimmer with damaged guards
or without guards in place.
f Switch on the line trimmer only when the hands and
feet are away from the cutting head.
f Never fit metal cutting blades.
f Use only the manufacturer's recommended
replacement parts and accessories.
f Always disconnect the line trimmer from the mains
when leaving the line trimmer unattended.
f Disconnect the line trimmer from the mains before
carrying out maintenance or cleaning work.
f Inspect and maintain the line trimmer regularly.
Have the line trimmer repaired only by an authorized
f Take care against injury from the blade(s) fitted for
trimming the cutting line length. After extending new
cutting line, always return the line trimmer to its
normal operating position before switching on.
f When not in use, store the line trimmer out of the
reach of children.
f Face the cutting head away from yourself, other
people and animals while the power is connected to
the line trimmer (especially during operation).
f Disconnect the power when changing spools or
clearing grass from under the guard.
f Disconnect the power from the line trimmer before
making any adjustments.
f Use both handles.
f Keep ventilation openings clear of debris. Keep
handles dry, clean and free of oil and grease.
f Never reach underneath the line trimmer (the cutting
line area) until it has completely stopped and the
power has been disconnected.


Make sure your extension cord is in good condition. When
using an extension cord, be sure to use one heavy enough
to carry the current your product will draw. An undersized
cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss
of power and overheating. The following table shows
the correct size to use depending on cord length and
nameplate ampere rating. If in doubt, use the next heavier
gage. The smaller the gage number, the heavier the cord.
Minimum gage for cord sets
Total length of cord in feet
0 - 25
0 - 50
51 - 100
No more
0 - 6 A
6 - 10 A
10 - 12 A
12 - 16 A
1. Main Handle
2. On/Off Switch
3. Cord Retainer
4. Auxiliary Handle
5. Safety Guard
6. Cutter Head
Warning! Before assembly, make sure that the line
trimmer is switched off and unplugged.
Warning! The guard must always be installed on the
tool to protect the user.
1. Place the open center of the guard on the power head
of the line (Fig. B).
2. Slide the guard into the provided slot and tighten the
screws (supplied) into the guard completely, as shown
in Fig. C.
3. The guard is not designed to be removed after
4. Once installed, remove the cover from the cutting
blade on the guard end.
5. Press the button and move the tube up or down, as
shown in Fig. I, to adjust the length of the tube.
6. Secure the extension cord with the cord retention
device as shown in Fig. D.
Warning! Never use the line trimmer unless the safety
guard is properly fitted.


Warning! The line trimmer runs for a few seconds after
it has been switched off. Let the motor come to a complete
standstill before setting the tool down.
26 - 50
51 - 100
101 - 200
Wire gauge
Not recommended
101 - 150
201 - 300

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents