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Motorola DCX3200 User Manual: Important Safety Instructions

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Important safety instructions

Please read this guide thoroughly and follow every recommendation before using the
1. Location, installation and ventilation
Install the terminal so that its position does not interfere with
its proper ventilation. For example, do not place it on a bed, sofa,
rug or any similar surface.
Install the terminal away from heat sources such as radiators,
heat registers or on a book shelf, unless adequate ventilation is
Place the terminal in a stable location able to support its weight.
2. Cleaning and accessories
Unplug the device before cleaning. Do not use liquid or aerosol
cleaners. Use a dry cloth instead. Do not use the terminal near
water or in a very humid environment. Only use accessories
specified by the manufacturer.
3. Contact with objects or liquids
Never insert objects of any kind through the terminal openings, as
they may cause a fire or an electric shock. Avoid spreading any
kind of liquid on the terminal.
4. Power supply
This device must be plugged into a power supply indicated on
the adapter. In case you doubt the type of power supply to your
home, contact your power company. Avoid overloading outlets,
extension cords or power bars. This equipment has a polarized
alternating current line plug (with one blade wider than the other).
The plug will fit into a power outlet only one way, which is a safety
feature. Such safety measure as the polarized plug should be
fully observed.
5. Electrical cords safety
Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched,
particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles and the point
where they exit from the apparatus.
6. Maintenance
Do not attempt any repair or maintenance or you could be
exposed to dangerous voltages and other hazards. Refer all
servicing to one of our qualified technicians.
7. Damages requiring repair by a technician
Plug or power cord is damaged.
Apparatus has been exposed to water or other liquids.
Apparatus has been dropped, housing has been damaged or
objects have fallen on the apparatus.
Obvious change in terminal performance, indicating a need
for maintenance.
If the terminal stops functioning normally according to the user
guide, follow instructions described in the guide only. Any other
adjustments of the other setting features may cause damages
requiring considerable repair time by a technician to bring the
apparatus back to normal.
Should you have a problem which is not listed here,
please contact our technical support.
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