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What To Do If - AEG HK654070XB User Manual

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You cannot activate the appli-
ance or operate it.
A Sound operates and the ap-
pliance deactivates.
A sound operates when the ap-
pliance is deactivated.
The appliance deactivates.
The residual heat indicator does
not comes on.
The Automatic Heat Up func-
tion does not operate.
You cannot activate the outer
The sensor fields become hot.
There is no signal when you
touch the panel sensor fields.
comes on
and number comes on.
If you tried the above solutions and cannot repair the problem, speak to your dealer or the
customer service. Give the data from the rating plate, three digit letter code for the glass
ceramic (it is in the corner of the glass surface) and an error message that comes on.
Make sure, you operated the appliance correctly. If not the servicing by a customer service
technician or dealer will not be free of charge, also during the warranty period. The instruc-
tions about the customer service and conditions of guarantee are in the guarantee booklet.
Possible cause and remedy
• Activate the appliance again and set the heat setting in 10
• You touched 2 or more sensor fields at the same time. Only
touch one sensor field.
• The Child Safety Device or the Lock or Stop+Go operates. See
the chapter Operating instructions.
• There is water or fat stains on the control panel. Clean the
control panel.
You put something on one or more sensor fields. Remove the ob-
ject from the sensor fields.
You put something on the
sor field.
The cooking zone is not hot because it operated only for a short
time. If the cooking zone should be hot, speak to the service cen-
• There is still residual heat on the cooking zone. Let the cooking
zone become sufficiently cool.
• The highest heat setting is set. The highest heat setting has the
same power as the Automatic Heat Up function.
Activate the inner ring first.
The cookware is too large or you out it too near to the controls.
Put large cookware on the rear cooking zones if it is necessary.
The signals are deactivated. Activate the signals (see OffSound
The Automatic Switch Off operates. Deactivate the appliance and
activate it again.
There is an error in the appliance.
Disconnect the appliance from the electrical supply for some
time. Disconnect the fuse from the electrical system of the house.
Connect again. If
comes on again, speak to the service centre.
What to do if...
. Remove the object from the sen-


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